Elder Scrolls Online DLC

DLC refers as Downloadable content. It is additional content created for an already released ESO game.

  • Zone DLC adds a location and questing.
  • Dungeon DLC adds challenging endgame dungeons.
  • Chapter DLC adds a new region and significant content.

Elder Scrolls Online DLC can be obtained through either ESO Plus subscription or Crown(purchasing in the Crown Store).

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List of ESO DLC in order 2021

Name Location Adds Release Date Price
Blackwood Chapter Blackwood
  • Trials Added: Rockgrove
  • World Events: Oblivion Portals
  • Sets Added: Blackwood Sets
  • Delves Added: The Silent Halls, Zenithar's Abbey, Arpenia, Bloodrun Cave, Doomvault Porcixid, Undertow Cavern, Vunalk, Xi-Tsei, The Deadlands,
launch on June 1st of 2021 for PC and on June 8, 2021, for the Playstation and Xbox.
  • Chapter Upgrade: $39.99
  • Chapter CE Upgrade: $49.99
  • Collection: Blackwood $59.99
  • Collection: Blackwood CE $79.99
Flames of Ambition DLC Deshaan, Gold Coast
  • Sets Added: Flames of Ambition Sets
  • Delves Added: The Cauldron, Black Drake Villa
releases on March 8th of 2021 for PC, Mac, and Stadia, as well as consoles on March 16th, 2021.
  • 1500 crowns
  • Free with ESO PLUS
Markarth DLC Skyrim
  • Zone Added: The Reach
  • Sets Added: Markarth Sets
  • Arena Added: Vateshran Hollows
  • Delves Added: Briar Rock Ruins, Gloomreach
launches November 2nd 2020 for PC, Mac and Stadia, then on November 10th for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
  • 2,000 Crowns
  • Free with Eso Plus
Stonethorn DLC Western Skyrim
  • Sets Added: Talfyg's Treachery, Unleashed Terror, Crimson Twilight, Lady Thorn, Elemental Catalyst, Kraglen's Howl, Arkasis's Genius, Stone Husk
  • Delves Added: Castle Thorn and Stone Garden
 launch at August 2020
  • 1500 crowns
  • Free with ESO PLUS
Greymoor Expansion Western Skyrim
  • Zone Added: Western Skyrim (Blackreach)
  • Sets Added: Greymoor Sets
  • Skills Added: Scrying Skills
  • Vampire Skills rework
  • Trial Added: Kyne's Aegis
  • Delves Added: 9
launch in June 2020
  • 39.99 USD
Harrowstorm DLC Western Skyrim
  • Sets Added: Hiti's Hearth Set, Titanborn Strength Set, Bani's Torment Set, Mother Ciannait, Draugrkin's Grip Set, Aegis Caller Set, Grave Guardian Set, Kjalnar's Nightmare Set, Critical Riposte Set, Unchained Aggressor Set, Dauntless Combatant Set
  • Delves Added: Unhallowed Grave, Icereach
Launch in March 2020
  • $20
Dragonhold DLC Elsweyr
  • Zone Added: Pellitine (Southern Elsweyr)
released in October 2019.
  • 2000 Crowns
Scalebreaker DLC Elsweyr
  • Dungeons Added: Moongrave Fane, Lair of Maarselok
  • Sets Added: Scalebreaker Sets
Launched in August of 2019
  • TBC
Chapter III: Elsweyr Elsweyr
  • New Class – Necromancer
  • New Enemy - Dragons
released on May 21st (PC) and June 4th, 2019 (Consoles)
  • Base Game plus Elsweyr Expansion (Includes Morrowind and Summerset: 39.99 PC, 59.99 Consoles
  • Elsweyr Upgrade for base game owners (Gives access to Morrowind and Summerset): 29.99 PC, 39.99 Consoles
Wrathstone DLC Black Marsh
  • Dungeons Added: Frostvault, Depths of Malatar
  • Sets Added: Wrathstone Sets
launched on February 25th 2019 for PC and March 12th 2019 for Consoles.
  • 1,500 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Murkmire DLC Black Marsh
  • Zone Added: Murkmire
  • Sets Added: Murkmire Sets
  • Arena Added: Blackrose Prison
  • Delves Added: Teeth of Sithis, Tsofeer Cavern
launched on the year 2018 on October 7th for PC/Mac, and November 2nd for both the Xbox One and PlayStation®4.
  • free to all ESO Plus members
  • 3000 crowns
Wolfhunter DLC Black Marsh
  • Dungeons Added: March of Sacrifices, Moon Hunter Keep
  • Sets Added: Wolfhunter Sets
  • Battlegrounds Map Added: Istirus Outpost
launched on PC/Mac on August 11th 2018 and Consoles on August 28th 2018.
  • free to all ESO Plus members
  • 1,500 crowns
Summerset Chapter Black Marsh
  • Summerset (Zone)
  • Artaeum (Zone)
  • Abyssal Geysers (Group World Event)
  • Jewelry Crafting (Crafting Skill Line)
  • Psijic Order (NPC Guild Skill Line)
  • Summerset Sets (Overland, Trial and Crafted)
  • Cloudrest (Trial)
  • 3 new Houses
  • 2 new Styles
launches on May 21st 2018 for PC and June 6th, 2018 for PS4and Xbox One.
  • cannot be bought in the Crown Store
  • The Standard Edition includes Summerset, Morrowind and the base game and costs 60 USD
  • Existing players can buy the Upgrade Edition for 30 USD.
  • Existing players can buy the Digital Collector's Upgrade Edition for 40 USD.
Dragon Bones DLC Morrowind
  • Dungeons Added: Fang Lair, Scalecaller Peak
  • Sets Added: Dragon Bone Sets
launched on PC/Mac on 12th February 2018 and Consoles on February 17th 2018.
  • 1,500 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Clockwork City DLC Morrowind
  • Zone Added: Clockwork City
  • Sets Added: Clockwork City Sets
  • Trial Added: Asylum Sanctorium
  • Styles Added: Apostle Style, Ebonshadow Style
launched on PC/Mac on October 23rd, 2017 and Consoles on November 7th, 2017.
  • 2,000 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Horns of the Reach DLC Morrowind
  • Dungeons Added: Bloodroot Forge, Falkreath Hold
  • Battlegrounds Map Added: Arcane University
  • Battlegrounds Ruleset Added: Chaos Ball
 launched on PC/Mac on August 14th 2017 and Consoles on August 29th 2017. 
  • 1,500 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Morrowind Morrowind
  • adds Morrowind Sets, the Vvanderfell zone, Battlegrounds
  • a new class: the Warden
launched on June 6th, 2017 for the PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • As of 2021, purchasing the base game includes the Morrowind chapter for free.
  • Players who owned the base game without Morrowind can access it as part of ESO Plus.
Shadows of the Hist DLC Black Marsh
  • Dungeons: Ruins of Mazzatun, Cradle of Shadows
launched in the year 2016 on July 29th for PC/Mac, and August 15th for both the Xbox One and PlayStation®4.
  • 1,500 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Dark Brotherhood DLC Gold Coast
  • Zone Added: Gold Coast
  • Sets Added: Dark Brotherhood Sets
  • Dungeons: Hrota Cave, Garlas Agea
launched in the year 2016 on May 31st for PC/Mac, June 14th for the Xbox One, and June 15th for the PlayStation®4.
  • 2,000 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Thieves Guild DLC Hew's Bane
  • Zone Added: Hew's Bane
  • Sets Added: Thieves Guild Sets
  • Trial Added: Maw of Lorkhaj
launched early 2016 on March 7th for PC/Mac, March 22nd for the Xbox One, and March 23rd for the Playstation 4.
  • 2,000 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Orsinium DLC High Rock
  • Zone Added: Wrothgar
  • Arena Added: Maelstrom Arena
  • Sets Added: Orsinium Sets
  • Dungeons: Old Orsinium, Rkindaleft
launched on PC/Mac on November 2nd, Xbox One on November 17th, and PlayStation 4 on November 18th 2015.
  • 3,000 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus
Imperial City DLC Cyrodiil
  • Zone Added: Imperial City
  • Sets Added: Imperial City Sets
  • Dungeons: White-Gold Tower, Imperial City Prison
August/September of 2015 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.
  • 0 crowns
  • Free with ESO Plus

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