Escalation is a warcry-related notable passive skill.

  • 15% increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Rate
  • Recover 10% of Life when you use a Warcry
  • 20% increased Damage for each time you’ve Warcried Recently(Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)
Escalation PoE


Anoint oil: Indigo Oil Indigo Oil + Indigo Oil Indigo Oil + Crimson Oil Crimson Oil.

Escalation Location

The Escalation cluster is located in Marauder area of the passive tree. The cluster shared the same connection node, Strength, with Bone Breaker and Skull Cracking cluster as well as Barbarism cluster.

Does “Life Recovery Rate” only affect methods that recover life over time, such as life regeneration, and not ones that recover life instantly, like Escalation? Does increased life recovery rate also increase the amount of life recovered by such instant means of recovery?

Instant recovery effects do not have a rate to modify.

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