Endless Munitions - Path of Exile

1. Endless Munitions

Endless Munitions has been simplified to offer two additional projectiles rather than one additional projectile and some other minor bonuses. This skill is accessible behind three of the Deadeye's paths, making it an option for many different Deadeye builds.

Name Endless Munitions
Class Deadeye
Category Notable ascendancy passive skill
Distance from start 4
  • Skills fire 2 additional Projectiles

Endless Munitions

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2. Deadeye Passive Skills

Name Category Stats Distance from start
Projectile Damage, Critical Strike Chance Basic
  • 10% increased Projectile Damage
  • 10% increased Critical Strike Chance
Rupturing Notable
  • Critical Strikes which inflict Bleeding also inflict Rupture
(Ruptured targets take 25% more Damage from Bleeding, and Bleeding on them expires 25% more quickly, for 3 seconds. Up to 3 Ruptures can affect a target)
Projectile Damage, Mark Cast Speed Basic
  • 10% increased Projectile Damage
  • Mark Skills have 25% increased Cast Speed
Focal Point Notable
  • 75% increased Effect of your Marks
  • 25% less Damage taken from other Enemies near your Marked Enemy
  • Marks you inflict are not removed from Dying Enemies
Projectile Damage, Attack Speed Basic
  • 5% increased Attack Speed
  • 10% increased Projectile Damage
1, 3
Gathering Winds Notable
  • Gain 1 Gale Force when you use a Skill
  • 15% increased Effect of Tailwind on you per Gale Force
  • You and nearby Allies have Tailwind
(Each instance of Gale Force lasts 4 seconds. Maximum 10 Gale Force)
(Tailwind increases Action Speed by 8%)
Wind Ward Notable
  • 3% less Damage taken per Gale Force
  • Lose all Gale Force when Hit
Projectile Damage, Mirage Archer Duration Basic
  • 10% increased Projectile Damage
  • 15% increased Mirage Archer Duration
1, 3
Occupying Force Notable
  • Mirage Archers are not attached to you
  • +2 to maximum number of Summoned Mirage Archers
  • Cannot Summon Mirage Archers while near your Mirage Archers
Endless Munitions Notable
  • Skills fire 2 additional Projectiles
Projectile Damage, Accuracy Basic
  • 10% increased Global Accuracy Rating
  • 10% increased Projectile Damage
1, 3
Ricochet Notable
  • Skills Chain +1 times
  • Projectiles have 30% chance to be able to Chain when colliding with terrain
Projectile Damage, Projectile Speed Basic
  • 10% increased Projectile Speed
  • 10% increased Projectile Damage
1, 3
Far Shot Notable
  • Far Shot
  • Projectile Barrages have no spread
(Projectile Attack Hits deal 20% less Damage to targets at the start of their movement, dealing up to 60% more Damage to targets as the projectile travels farther)

3. Deadeye Passives Tree

Deadeye Passives Tree

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