Divergent Reap PoE

1. Divergent Reap

Divergent Reap Divergent Reap is an Alternate Quality gem of Reap Reap.

Divergent Quality: Recover (0–2)% of Life when an Enemy Dies while affected by this Skill's Debuff

A bloody scythe swipes across a selected area, applying a physical damage over time debuff in addition to hitting enemies with physical damage. If enemies survive and this skill was not triggered, you gain a blood charge which raises the damage and cost of the skill. Players can have 5 maximum blood charges.

It requires Level 28. Tag: Spell, Physical, AoE, Duration.

  • Base duration is 1.00 seconds
  • Deals (58–702) to (87–1053) Physical Damage
  • Deals (120.2–1463.1) Base Physical Damage per second
  • Deals 15% more Damage per Blood Charge
  • Costs 20% more Life per Blood Charge
  • Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this Skill’s Damage Over Time effect
  • Gain a Blood Charge if this Skill Hits Enemies and none of them Die
  • Lose a Blood Charge when an Enemy Dies while affected by this Skill’s Debuff
    Divergent Reap PoE

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    2. Divergent Reap Alternate Quality

    Gem Quality Stats Weight
    Reap Reap (0–10)% increased Area of Effect 100
    Anomalous Reap Anomalous Reap (0–60)% increased Critical Strike Chance 50
    Divergent Reap Divergent Reap Recover (0–2)% of Life when an Enemy Dies while affected by this Skill's Debuff 50

    Prime Regrading Lens Prime Regrading Lens currency changes the type of quality of a Divergent Reap Divergent Reap skill gem to another random quality.

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