Defy Pain

Defy Pain is a Ascendancy Passives for Berserker.

  • Gain Defiance for 10 seconds on losing Life to an Enemy Hit, no more than once every 0.3 seconds.
  • 25% increased Armour per Defiance.
  • 50% increased Maximum total Life recovery per second from Leech while you have Defiance.
  • At 10 Defiance, take Reflected Physical Damage equal to maximum Life, then lose all Defiance.
Defy Pain


Defiance is a notable passive skill that grants increased attack damage and additional chance to block attack damage with a shield equipped. It also grants increased defences (armour rating, evasion rating and energy shield) from equipped shields.

  • Attack Skills deal 24% increased Damage while holding a Shield
  • +3% Chance to Block Attack Damage while holding a Shield
  • 40% increased Defences from Equipped Shield

How does Berserker’s “Defy Pain” work? The 10-stack damage is reduced by armour and physical reduction (i.e. endurance charges), but is it reduced by Reduced Reflect Damage Taken modifiers?

It is reflected damage that you are taking, yes.

Are there ways to increase the damage it deals?

You can increase how much damage you take from it with damage taken modifiers, such as being shocked. The amount of damage it tries to deal is fixed.

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