Defeat a Map Boss

PoE Ultimatum Challenge: Defeat a Map Boss while under the effects of a Divine Shrine.

The effects of a Divine Shrine

Shrines can appear randomly in most areas, granting significant bonuses to nearby monsters or casts spells at nearby players, and are often guarded by monsters. Players can steal the shrine to gain its bonuses for 45 seconds or until leaving the area. Players can have any number of different shrine effects at once.

A Divine Shrine will grant temporary immunity to all damage.

Shrine Description
Divine Shrine Divine Shrine
Become the nightmare.
You cannot be Damaged

  • Cannot be Damaged

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List of Map Bosses

Boss name Map Level Based On
The Reaver Ramparts Map 68 Perpetus
Puruna, the Challenger Atoll Map
Plateau Map
68/77 Kuduku, the False God
The Winged Death Channel Map 68 The Hundred Foot Shadow
The Eroding One Flooded Mine Map 68 Stone Golem
Merveil, the Reflection
Merveil, the Returned
Maelström of Chaos
Underground Sea Map
68/72 Merveil, the Siren
Warmonger Armoury Map 69 General Gravicius
The Primal One Thicket Map 69 Blood Chieftain
Drought Maddened Rhoa Arid Lake Map 69 Oozeback Bloom
Arwyn, the Houndmaster Cage Map 69 Overseer Krow
Pagan Bishop of Agony Cursed Crypt Map 70 Archbishop Geofri the Abashed
Xixic, High Necromancer Bone Crypt Map 70 Sawbones
Titan of the Grove Peninsula Map 70 Gneiss
Shrieker Eihal Excavation Map 70 Voidscream
Breaker Toruul Hammerstorm
Aulen Greychain Fungal Hollow Map 70 Oak
Executioner Bloodwing Cage Map 70 Justicar Casticus
Preethi, Eye-Pecker Desert Map 70 Kira, Servant of Garukhan
Thunderskull Graveyard Map 70 Skeletal Mage
Champion of Frost Chatters
Steelpoint the Avenger Ironpoint the Forsaken
Void Anomaly Grotto Map 70 Chaos Sentinel
Infector of Dreams The Coward's Trial 70 Necromancer
Jaesyn Hallowed Ground 70-79 Hillock
Jik'shah Vaal Oversoul
Balah, Duke The Weaver
Kruug, the Frayed Fidelitas, the Mourning
Maker of Mires Brutus, Lord Incarcerator
Vessel of the Vaal The Apex of Sacrifice
The Alluring Abyss
70/80 Vaal Oversoul
Q'ura N/A
Y'ara'az N/A
A'alai N/A
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal N/A
Oriath's Vigil Courtyard Map 71 Imperator Stantinus Bitterblade
Oriath's Vengeance Draconarius Wilhelm Flamebrand
Oriath's Virtue Compulsor Octavia Sparkfist
Beast of the Pits Barrows Map 71 The Great White Beast
Thraxia Spider Lair Map 71 The Bone Queen
Rek'tar, the Breaker Glacier Map 71 Goatman
Massier Strand Map 71 Calaf, Headstaver
Master of the Blade Kraityn
Megaera Crater Map 71 Fire Fury
Tore, Towering Ancient Marshes Map 71 Barkhul
Glace Beach Map 71 Hailrake
The Grey Plague Lookout Map 71 Plaguewing
Tormented Temptress Whakawairua Tuahu 71 N/A
Guardian of the North The Vinktar Square 71 N/A
Guardian of the East N/A
Guardian of the South N/A
Guardian of the West N/A
Avatar of Thunder N/A
The Fallen Queen Vaal Pyramid Map 72 Alal the Terrifying
The Hollow Lady Kali the Crazed
The Broken Prince Orcus the Reaver
Sallazzang Gardens Map 72 Paradisae Venenum
Excellis Aurafix Residence Map 72 Caliga, Imperatrix
Tolman, the Exhumer Mausoleum Map 72 Tolman
Shadow of the Vaal Maze Map 72 Vaal Oversoul
Carius, the Unnatural City Square Map 72
Pileah, Corpse Burner The Matriarch
Pileah, Burning Corpse
Unraveling Horror Port Map 72 Knitted Horror
Calderus Alleyways Map 72 Utula, Stone and Steel
Queen of the Great Tangle Jungle Valley Map 72 The Weaver
Jorus, Sky's Edge Temple Map 73 Dawn, Harbinger of Solaris
Lord of the Ashen Arrow Ashen Wood Map 73 N/A
Barthol, the Pure
Barthol, the Corruptor
Haunted Mansion Map 73 Cato, Scholar of Light
The Gorgon Sulphur Vents Map 73 The Basilisk
Drek, Apex Hunter Fields Map 73 Greust, Lord of the Forest
Gnar, Eater of Carrion Canyon Map 73 Steelchaw
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl Eyepecker
Forest of Flames Volcano Map 73 Torchoak Grove
Erythrophagia Phantasmagoria Map 73 Doedre Darktongue
The Arbiter of Knowledge Academy Map 73 Trinian, Intellectus Prime
Stone of the Currents Wharf Map 73 Lightning Golem
Mistress Hyseria Poorjoy's Asylum 73 Spinecrack
Lady Stormflay Vaal City Map 74 Spinecrack
Nightmare's Omen Primordial Pool Map 74 Malachai, The Nightmare (first form)
Avatar of Undoing Quarry Map 74 Chaos Sentinel
It That Fell Underground River Map 74 Q'uru
The Blacksmith Dunes Map 74 Hillock
Shavronne the Sickening Cells Map 74 Shavronne, Unbound
Arachnoxia Toxic Sewer Map 74 Spider
The Forgotten Soldier Conservatory Map 74 Hector Titucius, Eternal Servant
Herald of Ashes Arcade Map 74 The Infernal Seal
Herald of Thunder The Voltaic Seal
Solus, Pack Alpha Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den 74 N/A
Winterbite N/A
Storm Eye N/A
Talin, Faithbreaker Pillars of Arun 74 Soulmourn
Blackguard Avenger Promenade Map 75 Captain Aurelianus
Blackguard Tempest Blackguard Mage
Vision of Justice Orchard Map 75 Goddess of Justice
The Brittle Emperor Wasteland Map 75 Voll, Emperor of Purity
Doedre the Defiler Sepulchre Map 75 Doedre, Darksoul
Shock and Horror Mineral Pools Map 75 Amarissa, Daughter of Merveil
Belcer, the Pirate Lord Shore Map 75 Fairgraves Eternal
Tunneltrap Mud Geyser Map 75 Devourer
Visceris Overgrown Ruin Map 75 Maligaro, the Artist
Black Death, Pain Unending
Fidelitas, Loyalty Undying
Gorulis, Will-Thief Infested Valley Map 75 Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress
Riftwalker Temple Map 75 Agent of the Void
Spinner of False Hope Arachnid Nest Map 75 The Weaver
Fairgraves, Never Dying Mao Kun 75 Fairgraves Eternal
Gisale, Thought Thief Scriptorium Map 76 Shavronne of Umbra
He of Many Pieces Museum Map 76 Maligaro, the Inquisitor
Avatar of the Forge Arena Map 76 Dimachaeri Cassius
Avatar of the Skies Mevion
Avatar of the Huntress Rudiarius Felix
Erbix, Light's Bane Cemetery Map 76 Gruthkul, Mother of Despair
Guardian of the Vault Vault Map 76 Stone Golem
Portentia, the Foul Waste Pool Map 76 Doedre the Vile
Fragment of Winter Waterways Map 76 Ice Golem
Sebbert, Crescent's Point Moon Temple Map 76 Dusk, Harbinger of Lunaris
Blood Progenitor Tropical Island Map 76 Blood Chieftain
Spirit of Aidan Aidan the Frenzied
Spirit of Nadia Nadia the Soothing
Legius Garhall Ancient City Map 76
Litanius, the Black Prayer Relic Chambers Map 76 Colossal Bonestalker
Vision of Justice Plaza Map 76 Goddess of Justice
Headmistress Braeta The Putrid Cloister 76 Doedre Darktongue
Helial, the Day Unending The Twilight Temple 76 Solaris, Eternal Sun
Selenia, the Endless Night Lunaris, Eternal Moon
Olof, Son of the Headsman Pit Map 77 Barkhul
Enticer of Rot Spider Forest Map 77 Alira
Avatar of Rot Zombie
Telvar, the Inebriated Coves Map 77 Ghost
Pirate Treasure Stone Golem
Ancient Architect Pier Map 77 N/A
Lord of the Grey Belfry Map 77 Kitava, the Insatiable (Act V)
Erebix, Light's Bane Cemetery Map 77 Gruthkul, Mother of Despair
Sumter the Twisted Estuary Map 77 N/A
Poporo, the Highest Spire Plateau Map 77 Kadaka, Goddess of Luck
Captain Tanner Lightfoot Coral Ruins Map 77 Gemling Captain
Mirage of Bones Leyline Map 77 Nightwane
Suncaller Asha Park Map 78 Soulmourn
Lord of the Hollows Crystal Ore Map 78 Pikerivet
Messenger of the Hollows The Burning Man
Champion of the Hollows
Oak the Mighty Mesa Map 78 Oak
Pesquin, the Mad Baron Factory Map 78 General Adus
Lycius, Midnight's Howl Lair Map 78 Rigwald, the Wolven King
Skullbeak Bog Map 78 Oozeback Bloom
Hybrid Widow Arachnid Tomb Map 78 Black Death
Tahsin, Warmaker Siege Map 78 Tukohama, Karui God of War
Hephaestus, the Hammer Chateau Map 78 Argus
Witch of the Cauldron Burial Chambers Map 78 Alira
Platina, Servant of Prospero The Perandus Manor 78 N/A
Auriot, Prospero's Furnace Guardian N/A
Rhodion, Servant of Prospero N/A
Osmea, Servant of Prospero N/A
Pallias, Servant of Prospero N/A
Argient, Servant of Prospero N/A
Rheniot, Servant of Prospero N/A
The Steel Soul Arsenal Map 79 Animated Weapon
Nightmare Manifest Malformation Map 79 Piety, the Abomination
Burtok, Conjurer of Bones Necropolis Map 79 Giant Bonestalker
The High Templar Villa Map 79 Dominus, High Templar (first form)
Leif, the Swift-Handed Castle Ruins Map 79 Kraityn
Maligaro, the Mutilator Overgrown Shrine Map 79 Maligaro, the Broken
Woad, Mockery of Man Defiled Cathedral Map 79 Avarius, Reassembled
Tyrant Colonnade Map 79 General Gravicius
Platina Ivory Temple Map 79
Avatar of Ash Death and Taxes 79 N/A
Avatar of Winter N/A
Avatar of Silence N/A
Avatar of Apocalypse N/A
Thorn Acton's Nightmare 79 N/A
Rose N/A
The Sanguine Siren Crimson Temple Map 80 Wraith
Eater of Souls Core Map 80 Malachai, The Nightmare
Prodigy of Pain Shavronne of Umbra
Prodigy of Darkness Maligaro, the Inquisitor
Prodigy of Hexes Doedre Darktongue
Stalker of the Endless Dunes Dig Map 80 Garukhan, Queen of the Winds
Piety the Empyrean Shrine Map 80 Piety
The Infernal King Caldera Map 80 King Kaom
Shredder of Gladiators Racecourse Map 80 Shackled Hellion
Crusher of Gladiators Fighting Bull
Bringer of Blood Mad Gladiator
Nassar, Lion of the Seas Reef Map 80 Tsoagoth, the Brine King
Ambrius, Legion Slayer Colosseum Map 80 Daresso, King of Swords
The Apex Assembly Doryani's Machinarium 80 Vaal Oversoul
Amalgam of Nightmares Carcass Map 81 The Depraved Trinity
God's Chosen
The Hallowed Husk
Palace Map 81 Dominus, High Templar
The Cursed King Dark Forest Map 81 Rigwald, the Wolven King
Konley, the Unrepentant Basilica Map 81 High Templar Avarius
Armala, the Widow Sunken City Map 81 Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows
Varhesh, Shimmering Aberration Terrace Map 81
Bolt Brownfur, Earth Churner Terrace Map 81 N/A
Thena Moga, the Crimson Storm N/A
Ion Darkshroud, the Hungering Blade N/A
High Lithomancer Primordial Blocks Map 82 N/A
Mephod, the Earth Scorcher Summit Map 82 Abberath, the Cloven One
Liantra Terrace Map 82 Shavronne, the Returned
Bazur Reassembled Brutus
Kitava, the Destroyer Lava Lake Map 82 Kitava, the Insatiable (Act X)
Terror of the Infinite Drifts Desert Spring Map 82 Shakari, Queen of the Sands
Guardian of the Chimera Pit of the Chimera Map 83 N/A
Guardian of the Hydra Lair of the Hydra Map 83 N/A
Guardian of the Minotaur Maze of the Minotaur Map 83 N/A
Guardian of the Phoenix Forge of the Phoenix Map 83 N/A
K'aj Q'ura Vaal Temple Map 83 N/A
K'aj Y'ara'az N/A
K'aj A'alai N/A
The Uncreated The Shaper's Realm 84 Agent of the Void
The Unshaped The Shaper's Realm 84 Agent of the Void
The Shaper The Shaper's Realm 84 N/A

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