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Corrupting Fever Corrupting Fever is a new Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem. Draws out your own blood to power a buff, lefting you inflict the corrupting blood debuff on enemies you hit, dealing physical damage over time for a shorter secondary duration. The buff’s duration will be refreshed if you spend enough life before it expires.

It requires level 16, 41 Str. Tag: Spell, Duration, Physical. Cost: (78-520) Life. Cooldown time: 1.00 sec. Cast time: instant.

  • Base duration is 6.00 seconds
  • Deals (7.8–335.4) Base Physical Damage per second
  • Base secondary duration is 1 seconds
  • Buff Duration is refreshed after you spend a total of (26–205) Life
  • Triggering this Skill still requires paying its Cost
  • Additional Effects From Quality: (0–20)% increased Skill Effect Duration

Corrupting Fever consumes some of your life and grants a buff that causes your hits to apply Corrupted Blood which stacks with each hit, causing more and more physical damage over time. When a certain amount of life is consumed to use skills, the buff refreshes.

Corrupting Fever PoE

Corrupting Blood

Corrupting blood is being separated from bleed in 3.14.0. It will just be regular physical damage over time that no longer interacts with anything bleed-specific (and no longer scales with monster attack damage either). Don't worry, Staunching flasks have also been updated to specifically remove corrupting blood as well as bleeding. And yes, the stack limit for Corrupting Blood has been lowered to 10 from 20. It's also worth noting that applying a Corrupting Blood stack with Corrupting Fever will reset the duration of all existing stacks on the enemy, just like when an enemy applies Corrupting Blood to you.

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Totems are not you, and do not have your buffs or stats. They use your skills.(source)

The Corrupting Fever buff will be on you, so the skill will only apply corrupted blood to enemies you hit, not to enemies totems hit while using your skills.

How is an aura granting damage to you different from Corrupting Fever granting "apply corrupting blood on hit" to you?

Corrupting Fever is not granting "apply corrupted blood on hit" to you.(source)

The coorrupting fever skill puts a buff on you, and tracks what you do while you have the buff. The skill notices when you hit things, and that causes it to calculate a corrupted blood debuff, based on it's own skill stats, and apply that. The corrupted blood is not applied by your hit (which is with another skill), it's applied by corruping fever, because it needs to have the stats of that skill.

This is exactly the same as all the heralds, which likewise put a buff on you and then actively do things in repsonse to what you do.

Corrupting Fever Supports Build

Corrupting Fever Support Gems Descripton Requires Tag Popularity
Brutality Support Brutality Support Grant more physical damage while losing the ability to deal elemental and chaos damage. Level 38 Physical, Support 100%
Swift Affliction Support Swift Affliction Support Increase the damage over time of linked skill gems but reduces their effect duration. Level 31 Support, Duration 98%
Efficacy Support Efficacy Support Grant more spell damage, more damage over time, and increased skill effect duration. Level 8 Support, Duration 95%
Empower Support Empower Support +(0-2) to Level of Supported Active Skill Gems Level 1 Support 78%
Lifetap Support Lifetap Support It causes linked skills to be paid using life instead of mana, similar to the Blood Magic keystone, but at the expense of a very high skill cost multiplier. Level 8 Support, Duration 71%

Corrupting Fever Build Example

Corrupting Fever consumes a chunk of your life and grants you a buff that causes all your hits to apply Corrupted Blood to your enemies. Corrupted Blood stacks up with each hit, causing more and more physical damage over time. When you have consumed a certain amount of life to cast skills from your life pool, this buff’s duration refreshes. Essentially, as long as you’re consuming life to use skills, you’ll be causing damage over time to stack on enemies. Be careful, though!

Corrupting Fever Alternate Quality

Gem Quality Stats Price
(Level 20)
Corrupting Fever Corrupting Fever (0–20)% increased Skill Effect Duration 7 Chaos Orb 100
Anomalous Corrupting Fever Anomalous Corrupting Fever (0–10)% reduced Life Cost 15 Chaos Orb 50
Divergent Corrupting Fever Divergent Corrupting Fever (0–20)% chance to inflict an additional Corrupted Blood Debuff 80 Chaos Orb 50

Quest Rewards

Corrupting Fever is now offered to the Marauder, Duelist and Scion for completing Intruders in Black, and can be purchased from Yeena by the Templar.

Labyrinth Enchantment helmet

Level Name Mod Drop Rate
The Merciless Labyrinth Enchantment Corrupting Fever Damage 1 Corrupting Fever deals 25% increased Damage helmet(20%)
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Corrupting Fever Damage 2 Corrupting Fever deals 40% increased Damage helmet(20%)
The Merciless Labyrinth Enchantment Corrupting Fever Duration 1 20% increased Corrupting Fever Duration helmet(20%)
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Corrupting Fever Duration 2 30% increased Corrupting Fever Duration helmet(20%)
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Corrupting Fever Additional Corrupted Blood 1 Corrupting Fever has +50% chance to inflict an additional Corrupted Blood Debuff helmet(20%)

Corrupting Fever Gladiator Build

Character Class: Duelist. Ascendancy: Gladiator.

1. Character: Level 96 Gladiator

Life: 6,427 Strength: 369
Energy Shield: 35 Dexterity: 271
Mana: 711 Intelligence: 111
Evasion Rating: 4,561 Charges: E: 3 / F: 3 / P: 3
Armour: 2,941

2. Main Skills Build

Main skill: Corrupting Fever Corrupting Fever(DAMAGE OVER TIME: 309k) + Tornado Shot Tornado Shot: (1.0k, Physical: 96% + Cold: 4%).

3. Skill Gems Build

Category Equipment
Body Armour Tornado Shot Divergent Tornado Shot, Lifetap Support Lifetap Support, Greater Volley Support Divergent Greater Volley Support, Greater Multiple Projectiles Support Greater Multiple Projectiles Support, Life Gain on Hit Support Life Gain on Hit Support, Chain Support Chain Support
Weapon Corrupting Fever Corrupting Fever, Empower Support Empower Support, Awakened Swift Affliction Support Awakened Swift Affliction Support, Efficacy Support Efficacy Support, Awakened Brutality Support Awakened Brutality Support, Lifetap Support Lifetap Support
Helmet Enduring Cry Enduring Cry, Lifetap Support Lifetap Support, Dash Dash, Second Wind Support Second Wind Support
Gloves Steelskin Steelskin, Cast when Damage Taken Support Cast when Damage Taken Support(trigger), Blood Rage Blood Rage, Vaal Haste Vaal Haste
Boots Malevolence Malevolence, Enlighten Support Enlighten Support, Herald of Purity Herald of Purity, Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone

4. Passive Skill Build

See Passive Skill Tree at Path of Exile website.

5. Equipment Build


  • Bow: 58%
  • Axe / Shield: 23%
  • Wand / Shield: 12%
Category Equipment
Body Armour Replica Farrul's Fur Triumphant Lamellar
Weapon Oblivion Blast Imperial Bow
Offhand Weapon Gloom Flight(This item has elder influence)
Helmet Starkonja's Head Silken Hood
Gloves Behemoth Fist Steelscale Gauntlets(This item has hunter influence)
Boots Rage Goad Two-Toned Boots
Belt Headhunter
Amulet Vengeance Noose Turquoise Amulet
Ring Circle of Guilt Synthesised Iron Ring + Corruption Finger Coral Ring
Flasks Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline, Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching, Cinderswallow Urn Silver Flask, Chemist's Sulphur Flask of Warding, Chemist's Basalt Flask of Heat

Corrupting Fever Popularity in Different Classes

Class Corrupting Fever Popularity

Life-costing Skills Builds 3.14

Low life, Low Mana and Low Energy Shield now all count as being on 50% or below. This new threshold is large enough a value that a player could survive for a long time on Low Life with the help of the new Petrified Blood Petrified Blood skill. As a result, certain skills, passives and items have been rebalanced to compensate. For example, the Punishment Punishment curse’s effect that causes enemies to take more damage while on low life has been reduced in power as it now takes effect for a larger portion of the monster’s life. It has made similar changes to the Assassin’s “Ambush and Assassinate” passive, Infernal Mantle Infernal Mantle, and Replica Last Resort Replica Last Resort.

The Blood Magic Support Blood Magic Support gem has been split into Arrogance Support Arrogance Support and Lifetap Support Lifetap Support gems, as the lack of a damage multiplier made it a poor choice for primary skills. Now each of these new supports is balanced for the appropriate use case.

There are a small number of new passive clusters on the Passive Skill Tree for generic physical damage, as well as Physical Damage over Time Multiplier to better support the new skills. Certain sources of Bleeding Damage and Damage over time Multiplier for Bleeding have been changed to Physical Damage over Time to let them apply to Corrupted Blood and the new Reap Reap and Exsanguinate Exsanguinate skills. These include The Gladiator’s Gratuitous Violence passive and the Ascendant’s Gladiator notable. Not all bleed related passives and modifiers on items have been changed, so a full Bleed invested build and a build using both Bleeding and Corrupted Blood won’t always look the same.

Corrupted Blood now never counts as Bleeding damage, so reductions to bleeding damage taken no longer affect it. The Staunching flask modifier and Pathfinder’s Master Surgeon notable now state that they apply to both Bleeding and Corrupted Blood. Corrupted Blood’s damage has been rebalanced so it is more consistent between sources, so specific monsters that had very high Corrupted Blood damage will no longer be as strong, while others that dealt almost no damage will be dealing a more noticeable amount.

Bladestorm Bladestorm now has a multiplier to Bleeding damage while in Blood Stance, similar to the multiplier on Lacerate Lacerate, to enable Bleeding builds on the blood themed skill.The Elder-influenced Weapon modifiers that grant a chance for Poisons or Bleeds inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage have been removed. In their place, Elder-influenced Weapons can now roll a new Local Poison or Bleed Damage over Time Multiplier modifier. The double damage chance modifiers were too multiplicatively powerful for these builds, providing power that only the modifier granted, so they’ve been changed to an effect that is additive with other Bleed/Poison damage multipliers.

The way skills specify costs has been refactored. Skills now specify what resource they use. Consequently, stats can specify whether they affect all costs/reservations, or some combination. For example, the Righteous Decree notable on the Templar now reduces Mana Costs of Skills, while the Tireless notable affects all skill costs. Some existing passive skills and items have been updated to affect all costs or reservations, but many effects are now resource specific where appropriate, like the Inspiration Support Inspiration Support. These changes also open up new possibilities for alternate costs. For example, the Chainbreaker keystone no longer removes rage on Hit, instead adding a small Rage cost to all skills (which would then be affected by skill cost modifiers). This has allowed us to keep Chainbreaker functional with spells while still losing rage when used alongside skills that don’t hit like Damage over Time spells.

As a major benefit of these changes, reservation skills no longer have an associated cost by default, so you don’t need the current mana available to reserve a skill. Even when your mana is completely depleted, you can still enable an aura, making it much easier to swap out auras or turn one on again if you accidentally disabled it.

Because of this, Mine skills now have both a mana cost and mana reservation. This means that both modifiers to costs and reservation both affect their appropriate parts of mine costs, so Indigon Indigon no longer provides spell damage without affecting mine costs at all.

Corrupting Fever Screenshots

Corrupting Fever Screenshots

PVP Changes

Corrupting Fever has an attack time override of 0.5 seconds.


PoE 3.14.1: Fixed a bug where Corrupting Fever could cause you to apply Corrupted Blood to yourself through reflected or self-inflicted hits.

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