Discord Artisan

Discord Artisan is a notable passive for Herald skill. Herald is a gem tag associated with active gems which grant the user a damage buff and a special effect upon killing an enemy under certain conditions. Each Herald has a mana reservation cost of 25%.
  • 15% increased Damage for each Herald affecting you
  • Herald Skills have 20% increased Area of Effect
  • 10% reduced Mana Reservation of Herald Skills

Anoint recipe

Golden Oil Golden Oil + Indigo Oil Indigo Oil + Black Oil Black Oil

Discord Artisan PoE


# Name Value
1 damage +% for each herald affecting you 15
2 area of effect +% with herald skills 20
3 herald skills mana reservation +% -10

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List of herald skills

  • Herald of Agony
  • Herald of Ice
  • Herald of Thunder
  • Herald of Ash
  • Herald of Purity

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