Anomalous Arcanist Brand PoE

1. Anomalous Arcanist Brand

Arcanist Brand Anomalous Arcanist Brand is an Alternate Quality gem of Arcanist Brand Arcanist Brand.

Per 1% Quality: Supported Skills have 0.5% increased Area of Effect

Creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. It periodically activates while attached, triggering linked spells. The brand will detach if the enemy dies.

It requires Level 38. Tag: Spell, Duration, Brand

  • Can be Attached for a total Duration of 3 seconds
  • Your Skills can have an additional Brand Attached to an Enemy
  • Activates every 1 second while Attached
  • Can be Detached for a total Duration of 5 seconds
  • Increases and Reductions to Cast Speed also apply to this Skill’s Activation frequency
  • Supported Skills deal (55-46)% less Damage
  • Supported Skills have 40% less Area of Effect
  • Supported Skills have 40% reduced Chaining range
  • Supported Skills Deal (40-59)% more Damage to Branded Enemy
  • Supported Skills have limited Projectile Range
  • Supported Skills are Triggered by Arcanist Brand, from the Brand’s location
Anomalous Arcanist Brand PoE

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2. Anomalous Arcanist Brand Alternate Quality

Alternate Quality Gem Name Quality Stats Weight
Arcanist Brand Arcanist Brand (0–10)% increased Activation frequency 50
Arcanist Brand Anomalous Arcanist Brand Supported Skills have (0–10)% increased Area of Effect 100
Arcanist Brand Divergent Arcanist Brand Supported Skills have (0–20)% increased Projectile Speed 100
Arcanist Brand Phantasmal Arcanist Brand Supported Skills have (0–20)% increased Chaining range 100

Prime Regrading Lens Prime Regrading Lens currency changes the type of quality of a Anomalous Arcanist Brand skill gem to another random quality.

3. How to get Anomalous Arcanist Brand?

It can be dropped in the following Heist Blueprints:

Name Heist Target Area Level
 Blueprint: Tunnels Blueprint: Tunnels Unusual Gems 34 – 83
 Blueprint: Repository Blueprint: Repository Unusual Gems 35 – 83

Unusual Gems are Alternate Quality Gems. A gem can have up to three alternate quality: Anomalous, Divergent, Phantasmal.

The target item, inside a Curio Display, will be a selection of Unusual Gems. You can only take one before Lockdown begins.

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