Undecember Alchemy Combining

✔ Various material items can be combined to create specific items.
✔ Certain items can only be combined by unlocking the recipe with Formula Books.
✔ Certain combined items can be registered into the Auction House to be traded with other players.
– Orb: Create a special item that permanently increases a stat upon use (Maximum usage limited)
– Essence: Use low quality essences to change , into high quality essence, or switch essence types
– Element: Use low quality elements to change into high quality elements
– Chaos Key: Combine 4 keys to create a Greater Chaos Card
– Ore: Create Pile of Gold Bars and Crafted Statue that can be sold for large sums of Gold
– Essence Bundle: Change into a tradable Essence Bundle which contains multiple gear essences
– Unique Gear: Craft ‘Unique Chests’ with ‘Holy Parts’ collected from disassembling Unique gear (1 level appropriate Unique Gear can be obtained from using a Unique Chest.)
– Avatar: Craft ‘Hyper Regeneration Energy’ required for charging up Avatar Energy

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