PoE Veruso’s Ambition: Grants Level 20 Ravenous Skill

Veruso’s Ambition Shackled Boots

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Veruso's Ambition

Veruso’s Ambition is a unique Shackled Boots. Category: Boots. Quality: +20%. Evasion Rating: (124-170). Energy Shield: (26-36).

Requires Level 34, 34 Dex, 34 Int.

  • Grants Level 20 Ravenous Skill
  • (80–120)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
  • +(13–23)% to Chaos Resistance
  • (20–30)% increased Movement Speed
  • Enemies display their Monster Category

“Follow me if you desire better for yourself, and for your families. Follow me if you hunger for more than this!”

How to get it?

  • Obtained by burying Veruso family corpses in the Necropolis.

Veruso family corpses:

  • Haunted by Hadrius Veruso
  • Haunted by Titiana Veruso
  • Haunted by Claudia Veruso
  • Haunted by Fausta Veruso

Level 20 Ravenous Skill

Cost: (33–0) Mana. Cooldown Time: 5.00 sec. Cast Time: 1.00 sec.

Requires Level 70.

Consumes a targeted corpse, granting you a buff that gives you bonuses against enemies of the same monster category as the corpse.

  • Buff grants 15% more Damage against Enemies with
  • the same Monster Category
  • Buff grants 15% less Damage taken from Enemies with
  • the same Monster Category
  • Buff lasts until you leave the area

PoE Veruso’s Ambition Build Guide 3.24

Veruso’s Ambition is a unique pair of Shackeled Boots in Path of Exile that caters to a specific playstyle. Here’s a look at what they offer:

  • High Evasion and Energy Shield: These boots provide a significant boost to your character’s evasion and energy shield, making them ideal for characters who rely on dodging attacks and spells.
  • Chaos Resistance: The increased chaos resistance helps you mitigate damage from Chaos DoT (Damage over Time) effects and Chaos spells.
  • Enhanced Movement Speed: The increased movement speed allows you to navigate the battlefield more quickly, improving your overall mobility.
  • Monster Category Revelation: Enemies will display their Monster Category, which can be helpful for strategizing against specific enemy types.
  • Built-in Ravenous Skill (Level 20): This is the key feature of Veruso’s Ambition. The Ravenous skill allows you to consume a corpse, granting you a buff that provides bonuses against enemies of the same monster category as the consumed corpse.

Playstyle Considerations:

  • Veruso’s Ambition shines for builds that focus on maximizing survivability through evasion and energy shield while dealing damage.
  • The Ravenous skill encourages a playstyle where you strategically target and consume specific enemy corpses to gain temporary buffs against their kin. This can be particularly effective against bosses or groups of similar enemies.


  • The Ravenous skill requires corpses to be available, so it might not be as effective in all areas or against all enemy types.
  • The bonuses offered by the Ravenous skill are temporary, requiring you to manage your buff uptime by strategically consuming corpses.

Overall, Veruso’s Ambition is a unique item that caters to a specific niche. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that enhance your survivability, movement speed, and provide situational buffs against specific enemy types, then Veruso’s Ambition is definitely worth considering. However, if the corpse-consuming playstyle doesn’t suit you, there might be better boot options available.

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PoE Veruso's Ambition

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