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PoE Currency Stacking Improvements

Currency items drop less frequently, but in larger stack sizes. For example, Scrolls of Wisdom in the late game might drop one tenth of the time, but when they do drop it'd be in stacks of 6-14. This means that the click that you make will gain you a much more meaningful amount of currency at once. GGG have applied this to many different types of currency items and the effect of the system gets larger as you get further into the game.

  • Stackable items dropped from Chests and as rewards at the end of encounters (such as Delve, Ritual, Incursion, Delirium and Blight) will no longer drop multiple stacks of the same item. They instead collate it into a single combined stack of the item.
  • Map Fragments for The Apex of Sacrifice, The Alluring Abyss, The Shaper’s Realm, Absence of Value and Meaning, and the Pale Court now have a Stack Size of 10. Scarabs also now have a Stack Size of 10.
  • Incubators now display Item Level on their Item Tooltip and Icon. It is also now possible to stack Incubators of the same type and Item Level, with a Stack Size of 10.

In addition, GGG had a look at instances where item drops happen simultaneously, and GGG have made it so that items that can drop in stacks will automatically do so. This includes at the end of Delves, Incursions, Rituals, Blight encounters, Breachstones, and the Simulacrum. GGG have also applied this approach to many chests and areas like splinter drops throughout Path of Exile.

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