PoE Sanctum Relic Inventory

Relic Altar

  • The Relic Altar is unlocked in Act 2 after completing the quest In Search of the Sanctum.
  • Each character has its own Relic Altar and uses separate Relics. However, the Relic Locker is shared between all of your characters in the same league.
  • Relics placed in the Relic Altar are locked in for the entire Sanctum run and cannot be added or removed in the middle of a run. The current run must be completed, failed, or forfeited to add or remove Relics.
  • The Relic Altar contains 20 inventory spaces, but 12 are initially locked.


Locked inventory spaces for the Relic Altar can be unlocked by completing various rooms or floors in the Forbidden Sanctum.

00Complete the Sanctum Bellum room in the Sanctum Cathedral
10Complete the Sanctum Archives
20Complete the Sanctum Archives
30Complete the Sanctum Vaults
01Complete the Sanctum Vaults
41Complete the Sanctum Cathedral
02Complete the Sanctum Cathedral
42Complete the Sanctum Necropolis
13Complete the Sanctum Necropolis
23Complete the Scriptorium room in the Sanctum Archives
33Complete the Reliquary room in the Sanctum Vaults
43Complete the Mausoleum room in the Sanctum Necropolis

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