PoE Expedition Markers

List of PoE Expedition Markers

Modifiers from Remnants are applied to Monsters and Chests that are excavated from the explosive that destroys the Remnant and all subsequent Explosives.

Name Markers
Expedition Boss
Expedition Cavern Entrance(Underground Area)
Expedition Chest1
Expedition Chest2
Expedition Chest3
Expedition Detonator
Expedition Dynamite
Expedition EliteMonster
Expedition League Specific Monster
Expedition Regular Monster
Expedition Stash
Reward Chest Abyss
Reward Chest Armour
Reward Chest Blight
Reward Chest Breach
Reward Chest Currency
Reward Chest Delirium
Reward Chest Divination
Reward Chest Essence
Reward Chest Expedition
Reward Chest Fossil
Reward Chest Fragment
Reward Chest Gems
Reward Chest Generic
Reward Chest Harbinger
Reward Chest Heist
Reward Chest Labyrinth
Reward Chest Legion
Reward Chest Maps
Reward Chest Metamorph
Reward Chest Perandus
Reward Chest Prophecy
Reward Chest Ritual
Reward Chest Talisman
Reward Chest Trinkets
Reward Chest Unique
Reward Chest Weapons

The Kalguur are using explosives to excavate their ancestors' settlements throughout Wraeclast. Overwhelmed by the dangers they unearth, they require your violent services. You must strategically lay a chain of explosives and detonate them, defeating the undead that rise. Tactical planning is essential, as you must decide what to prioritise in the excavation, carefully balancing your temptation and capabilities.

You may choose to unearth chests full of valuable rewards, or to revive the undead husks of Kalguuran explorers and their treasures. It pays to be mindful of the mysterious Remnants of Kalguuran settlements scattered around the site. When detonated, their modifiers significantly increase the difficulty and reward of your Expedition.

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