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Coruscating Elixir is a unique Ruby Flask.

Using this flask sets life to 1, which instantly brings an end to Righteous Fire. This effect can potentially be bypassed with enough life regeneration. The life removal is not considered a hit and does not trigger effects that require a Savage Hit such as Pain Reaver.

Coruscating Elixir has an exclusive property – otherwise only available on Shavronne’s Wrappings, Esh’s Visage and Solaris Lorica – that prevents chaos damage from bypassing the character’s energy shield.

Coruscating Elixir and Righteous Fire (RF) have an interesting interaction in Path of Exile (POE). Here’s a breakdown:

The Problem:

  • Coruscating Elixir reduces your life to 1, which deactivates Righteous Fire because it relies on burning your life for damage.

Possible Solutions:

  • High Life Regeneration: If you have enough life regeneration, your life pool can recover from 1 before RF deactivates completely. This is a risky approach as it requires specific gear and mastery points.
  • Low Life Build: This is a more common approach. You focus on stacking Energy Shield (ES) and use the keystone passive "Zealot’s Oath" to reserve all your life for auras. Coruscating Elixir then becomes beneficial because it grants chaos damage bypass similar to unique body armors like Shavronne’s Wrappings.

Key Points:

  • Coruscating Elixir’s life drain doesn’t trigger effects that require a hit, so "Pain Reaver" won’t work here.
  • This combination is generally used in low life builds to leverage the chaos damage bypass from the flask.

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