PoE 2 Maul - Path of Exile 2

PoE 2 Maul Maul is a Skill Gem.

Tags: Attack, Melee, Strike, Shapeshift, Bear.

Cost: 3 Mana. Attack Time: 1.00 sec. Attack Damage: 165%.

Requires Level 6.

Shapeshift into a bear and swipe with your claws.

  • 8 to 11 Added Attack Physical Damage
  • +0.6 seconds to Total Attack Time if not already a Bear
  • +9 to Melee Strike Range
  • +7% to Critical Strike Chance
  • 25% chance to cause Bleeding

Place into a Skill Gem socket to gain this skill. These are found in the Skill Gems panel.

PoE 2 Maul

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