MW3 Under the Microscope - Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare III introduces a magnificent selection of additional Weapon Camos for you to unlock, and all the Base camos – from either game – can be applied to any weapon in MWIII.

Under the Microscope Base Camos (MP, MWZ)

Brand New Camo Sets: There are 18 different sets of Modern Warfare III Weapon Camos (which you unlock by playing Multiplayer and Zombies with MWIII weaponry):

  • Confirmed Sets are: Poison Frogs, Graphical, Topographic, Glittery Flats, Retro, Neapolitan, Under the Microscope, High Contrast, Wavelength, Two Tone Brushstrokes, Perfect Symmetry, Psychedelics, Blur, Bold, Butterfly, Puzzle, Skeletal, and Glitch Milspec.

MW3 Base Camos

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Returning Camo Sets (with New Variants)

In addition, all 14 of the Modern Warfare II camo sets return:

  • Existing MP Camo sets carry forward from MWII (which you unlocked, or can continue to unlock in MWIII, using MWII weapons)
  • Plus, expect to double each MWII set of camos with new variants of existing Camo sets from MWII, which you unlock playing Zombies in MWIII with MWII weaponry. See below for more information.
  • Confirmed returning sets are: Spray Paint, Woodland, Digital, Dragon, Geometric, Fun, Foliage, Skulls, Tiger, Stripes, Reptile, Solid Colors, Classic, and Cliffside.