MW3 Resonance Ultra Skin

Tracer Pack: Resonance Ultra Skin

Tracer Pack: Resonance Ultra Skin

Enter battle from another plane and as a warrior without equal using the “Titan” Operator Skin for Bantam, featuring animated alien designs over tough upper body armor and a helmet of alien design. Equip two Weapon Blueprints with Netherblaze Tracers and the Netherburst Death Effect: the “Primordium” SMG, crafted with an animated alloy and geared for mid-ranged precision; and the “Quasar” LMG, outfitted with a bipod mount and muzzle flash concealment for precise, low-profile engagements.

Resonate with the alien designs featured in the “Ancient Alloy” Large Decal, the “Dark Matter” Weapon Sticker, and the “Anomaly” Weapon Charm. This Bundle also includes a 1 Hour Battle Pass XP Token.

The "MW3 Resonance Ultra Skin" sounds like an exciting bundle containing an operator skin, weapon blueprints, and other cosmetic items for Modern Warfare 3. However, similar to the other content you’ve mentioned, its current availability might be limited.

Here’s what I can tell you based on the information you provided:


  • Operator Skin: "Titan" skin for Bantam with animated alien designs.
  • Weapon Blueprints: "Primordium" SMG and "Quasar" LMG, both featuring unique aesthetics and performance attributes.
  • Cosmetics: "Ancient Alloy" decal, "Dark Matter" weapon sticker, "Anomaly" weapon charm, and a 1 Hour Battle Pass XP Token.

Potential Availability:

  • Likely Discontinued: The mention of a "Tracer Pack" suggests this bundle was part of a specific promotional period, possibly during a past season or event in Modern Warfare 3. As Season 2 is likely over, its direct purchase through official channels is probably unavailable.
  • Third-Party Stores: While some stores might offer in-game items for Modern Warfare 3, their legitimacy and safety require caution.
  • Community Resources: Online communities or marketplaces might have accounts or codes with the bundle, but be wary of potential scams.
  • Future Content: There’s a chance Activision might reintroduce past content in new forms, so keep an eye out for potential returns of the "Resonance Ultra Skin" bundle.


  • Explore other currently available cosmetic bundles in Modern Warfare 3 (if applicable).
  • Consider alternative games offering similar aesthetics or customization options.

I hope this information is helpful!

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