MW3 Operation 627 - Modern Warfare 3

Operation 627, A Breakdown

Operation 627 - MW3

As revealed earlier today, the first mission in the Modern Warfare III Campaign is “Operation 627,” a traditional cinematic experience that introduces the next chapter of the Modern Warfare universe.

In this prelude, an elite PMC fireteam – “Alpha Team” – invades a stone fortress in an area that Call of Dutyveterans know all too well: Verdansk.

While familiar, Verdansk will be seen from a new perspective in Modern Warfare III’s Campaign: in the year 2023, a new threat completely locked down this capital of Kastovia.

Those who watched the Modern Warfare III’s Worldwide Reveal Trailer and the Makarov Reveal Trailer might recognize momentary flashes of this mission – now it’s time to dive deeper into “Operation 627”:

Operation 627 - MW3

On October 13, 2023, at 0200 hours (2 AM) local time, Alpha Team successfully infiltrates the Zordaya Prison Complex via amphibious tactics, using water suits, oxygen tanks, and diver propulsion vehicles to reach the complex’s base.

After ascending the battlements’ slope, the team follows the mission’s optimal plans, using suppressed weapons, night-vision goggles (NVGs), and stealth tactics to move along the wallwalk until they find a breach in its western section.

Alongside parachuting reinforcements, Alpha Team moves into position down off the battlements and onto the courtyard level, confirming visual on an HVT entering a prisoner transfer helicopter… But it’s not “our guy.”

Because “our guy” is deeper in the complex, Alpha Team calls in a distraction play, using an explosive outside the facility to get the first strike from behind on enemy forces.

Quickly losing its low profile, Alpha Team uses a smokescreen for cover before finding a hatch in the courtyard, which they then use to descend further into the complex via its intricate tunnel network.

Fortunately, they land right near the heart of the panopticon, the gulag’s proper prison with a central security observatory tower, which Alpha Team sees moments before they radio in for total darkness.

With only muzzle flashes, lasers, and their NVGs as their only sources for light, Alpha Team methodically rappels down the interior spine of the prison, instigating a successful prison riot by downing several prison guards who desperately try to re-establish order.

The cell gates unlock, and the inmates barge out and into the curved corridors, intent on revenge, as klaxons blare and confusion reigns. Alpha Team eventually reaches the prison’s lowest level.

As locked inmates cheer and clank their cell bars in support, Alpha Team eliminates several more guards and reaches the sub-level to “get our guy.” A sealed interior door is breached with explosives…

And the rest… Well, you’ll have to wait until Campaign Early Access (*1) for that part of the story.


Operation 627 mission rewards

  • Operation 627: “Breather” Calling Card

Operation 627 - MW3

Campaign Mission Rewards

Mission completion rewards: Earn over a dozen in-game rewards for completing the Campaign, including new Calling Cards, Operators, Double XP Tokens, and a special Multiplayer Weapon Blueprint unlocked at game launch for Campaign completion.

The Campaign consists of 14 different missions. All but one of these missions reward players with the following items upon completion:

  • Operation 627: “Breather” Calling Card
  • Precious Cargo: 30 mins Double Player XP Token & 30 mins Double Weapon XP Token
  • Reactor: “Corso” Operator
  • Payload: “Ghillie Guy” Calling Card
  • Deep Cover: 30 mins XP Token and 30 mins Weapon XP Token
  • Passenger: N/A
  • Crash Site: “Pathfinder” Operator
  • Flashpoint: “Toxic Drip” Calling Card
  • Oligarch: 1 hour Double Player XP Token and 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • Highrise: “Doc” Operator
  • Frozen Tundra: “Skull Rhapsody” Calling Card
  • Gora Dam: 1 hour Double Player XP Token and 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • Danger Close: “Jabber” Operator
  • Trojan Horse: Campaign Completion Emblem and Weapon Blueprint

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