MW3 Mission Parameters: The Essence of Zombies - Modern Warfare 3

Mission Parameters: The Essence of Zombies

MW3 Mission Parameters: The Essence of Zombies

You have freedom and flexibility to explore the Exclusion Zone throughout Urzikstan, and infilling allows you to complete a wide variety of activities as well as the specific mission tasks you assigned to yourself prior to the session start.

Aside from the specific mission tasks you are undertaking, each Zombies infil enables you to:

  • Explore: Investigate the Low, Medium, and High Threat Zones. This can be done with a purpose, or you can simply remain in the relative safety of a Low Threat Zone as you learn how to deal with the variety of enemy threats. Weapon levelling is an excellent plan within the outer edge of the map.
  • Complete Contracts: This allows you to earn Essence (the in-game currency, mainly gathered after zombie culling) and Acquisitions by completing contracts in the field for Operation Deadbolt.
  • Upgrade to Progress: Spend Essence at machines across the map and upgrade your weapons and gear.
  • Extract Acquisitions: Successful exfils allow you to keep Acquisitions to get a head start in the next deployment.

MW3 Mission Parameters: The Essence of Zombies

Within a deployment, your Tac-Map displays a variety of interesting game features, and some of the most important ones are detailed below so you can understand how to interact with them.

Buy Stations

MW3 Buy Stations

Buy Stations: Allows you to purchase a variety of helpful items, such as Killstreaks, Gas Masks, and other essentials, as well as sell any unwanted items you’ve collected.

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Perk-a-Cola Machines

MW3 Perk-a-Cola Machines

Perk-a-Cola Machines: This allows you to purchase a beverage that increases your prowess in a variety of ways.

Pack-a-Punch Machines

MW3 Pack-a-Punch Machines

Pack-a-Punch Machines: This upgrades your currently carried weapon (usually in the ammunition and damage departments), for a price.

Wall Buys

MW3 Wall Buys

Wall Buys: Outlines of weaponry can be found on the walls of various buildings throughout the Exclusion Zone. Interact and purchase the weapon, as needed.

Mystery Boxes

MW3 Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes: These offer an exciting randomly generated prize — likely a weapon of varying rarity and occasionally a Wonder Weapon!

Wonder Weapons

Wonder Weapons: [REDACTED].