MW3 Courtyard (+ House, Shelf, Ditch, Shanty Town, Junkyard) – Modern Warfare 3


The Courtyard is a small, open area catering to close-ranged combat. The only nearby interior is the House, which provides a good view over movement incoming from the Village as well as leading to the southern Shelf, giving players a heightened position over the Ditch and Junkyard. You can also take the adjacent Overpass into Shanty Town, an area full of prime power positions.

Take the stairs down into the running Ditch if you’d rather work from the ground floor. This is a solid route for long-ranged Loadouts due to its long path and the far view into the eastern Warehouse; sharpshooters can also do well setting up by the center Bridge for its distant views over the middle of the map.

Operators looking to keep things up close and personal will favor the northern route into the Village, retaining the Courtyard’s tightknit spacing.

Deploy to a run-down industrial sector just outside the city, the highway extending over it in major disrepair. Tromp through the mud, stage an ambush, or test your luck on the rain-slicked rooftops. In this large environment, your options are nearly endless.


Pouring rain has transformed this industrial sector into a mud bath, but that won’t stop our Operators from giving their most in the battle ahead. Wipe the downpour from your eyes and seek out all that Underpass has to offer: plentiful climbing opportunities, unrivaled ambush potential, and balanced mix of fighting across all playstyles.

Get the most out of this complex map by studying all the advantages it offers to the informed Operator. This is your guide to Underpass:


MW3 Underpass Map areas


MW3 Underpass Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Underpass Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Underpass Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Underpass Map spawn points

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