MW3 AKS-74UN - Modern Warfare 3


The AKS-74U appears as the “Kastov-74u”. It is specifically the AKS-74UN variant with a side-mounted bracket for attaching optics. For the first time in the Call of Duty series, it is correctly classified as an assault rifle as opposed to an SMG. As with the aforementioned AK-105, it employs the “Iraqi reload” technique when reloading from empty, even including the impossible reloading technique without the stock.

The progression screen in the beta shows it with a polymer 7.62x39mm magazine, though an AKMSU conversion or separate weapon does not appear in the released game. At the moment the gun uses black polymer 30 round magazines (6L23) by default, 20 rounders serve as fast mags, and the same 45 round magazine available from the AK-105 (6L18) serves as the only extended option.

The gun can be customized with ZenitCo furniture like handguards and stocks.

AKS-74UN – 5.45x39mm

The AKS-74U in the weapon preview menu screen.

The AKS-74UN with all five Gunsmith modification slots filled. It, the Bizon, and the RPK use a side bracket mount for optics, while the AK-100 series and Vityaz use railed top covers.

Clearing out the F1 circuit facility with a bone stock AKS-74UN.

Aiming down the iron sights.

Inspecting the carbine.

Checking the magazine, loaded with frangible 5.45x39mm rounds. The handguard has a rail on the right side by default.

Brass check performed.

Rocking in a new magazine.

Reloading from empty.

Fresh magazine rocked in, the player character will proceed to release his grip on the bolt, letting it slam home and pick up a new round.

The “Kastov-74u” with a 7.62x39mm magazine as seen in the beta.

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