Maintenance in Progress — Lost Ark

Maintenance in Progress

Maintenance in Progress is a Normal Quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Required Quest Start NPC In-game Description
Zone: Starsand Beach
  • Suspicious Movement
Militia Elia Militia fighter Elia seemed to be alarmed by the Demons that had suddenly appeared at Tedonvard Excavation Site. She’s already worried about whether the trolley will break down,
but now she’s unable to leave because of the Demons. I should help her out.


    Tedonvard Excavation Site Assault

  1. Eliminate the Mayhem Legion forces (0/10)
  2. Check the top of the trolley
    Let Elia know
  3. Play the small wooden pipe


  • 83,777 x XP
  • 1,172 x Roster XP
  • 10 x Blessed Healing Potion
  • 948 x Silver

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