Madden 24 Coins Glitch

In Madden 24, several coin glitches and methods have been reported that players can exploit to gain an advantage in the game. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. Rookie Premiere Program Carryover: Some players benefited from coin glitches in Madden 23 that carried over into Madden 24, allowing them to start the new game with a substantial number of coins. This has caused some market imbalances in the game​​.

  2. Solo Challenges and Objectives: Completing solo challenges and missions is one of the fastest ways to earn coins and XP in Madden 24. Prioritizing campaign and weekly solo challenges can lead to significant rewards. Additionally, fulfilling daily and weekly objectives provides bonus XP and coins, helping players to level up and build their teams more effectively​​.

  3. Double XP Events: Taking advantage of double XP events and special rewards can greatly accelerate the process of earning coins. These events offer increased XP and other benefits, making it easier for players to progress quickly​​.

  4. Community Discovered Glitches: The Madden community often shares newly discovered glitches that can be exploited for quick gains. These glitches might include methods to duplicate coins or exploit game mechanics for financial gain within the game. However, exploiting such glitches can risk penalties from EA, including potential bans​​.

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It’s important to stay updated with community forums and YouTube channels, as these platforms frequently share the latest tips and glitches. Just be cautious, as exploiting glitches can lead to account penalties. For more detailed strategies and the latest updates, you can visit sources like MUT.GG and​​​​.

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