Lords of The Fallen Vigor Glitch

In "Lords of the Fallen," several effective strategies and locations for farming Vigor exist, even after recent patches. Here are some methods to boost your Vigor farming efficiency:

Early Game Vigor Farms

  1. Vestige of Blind Agatha: Use an enemy lure technique where you run past enemies, causing them to fall off cliffs, and then collect their dropped Vigor. This spot can yield 600-800 Vigor per cycle and can be repeated quickly​​.
  2. Pilgrim’s Perch: Clear the cage-headed penitents and other enemies around the Bellroom Vestige. Use the Umbral Moth undead creatures for extra Vestige Seedlings, which increase your Vigor multiplier​​.

Mid to Late Game Farms

  1. Revelation Depths: Shift into the Umbral Realm and clear enemies on wooden platforms. Reset the farm by resting at the Vestige, which allows for a continuous flow of Vigor​​.
  2. The Empyrean: Fast travel to the Empyrean and use a Vestige Seed to plant a Vestige. Clear out two large enemies for high Vigor returns​​.
  3. Alehouse (Lower Calrath): Use a strategic Vestige Seed planting spot to kill powerful enemies around a bonfire repeatedly for significant Vigor gains​​.

Exploit-Based Methods

  • Scarlet Shadow (Red Reaper) Exploit: This involves an efficient yet risky method of farming Vigor by exploiting enemy AI in the Crow’s Nest area. Fast travel, enter specific locations, and use the environment to defeat enemies without engaging them directly​​.

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By utilizing these methods, you can efficiently farm Vigor in "Lords of the Fallen" to strengthen your character and progress more smoothly through the game. Remember, some glitches might get patched, so keeping an eye on game updates is beneficial.

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