PVP – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)


  • Fixed an issue with fog walls that would allow players to leave a Crimson Ritual area.
  • Added music to Crimson Rituals to increase tension in PVP.
  • Improved the UI for finishing Crimson Rituals.
  • Added additional descriptions for failed connections for Crimson Rituals.

Update v.1.1.282

  • Boss Weapons
    We've observed that some players have heavily relied on specific boss weapons and spells for PVP, which has led to a less diverse gameplay experience. To address this, we've made quite a few adjustments to these items:
    1. Boss weapons will now have 10 levels instead of 5, and we've modified their upgrade curves. While they remain potent, they are no longer overpowered in PVP.
    2. The mana costs for Pieta's Blessed Reflections and Infernal Hounds invocation spells have been significantly increased.
    3. Exploding bolts and shattering bolts now require more ammunition to use.
    4. The usage cost of Corrupted Banner Javelin has increased, and its damage output has been nerfed.
    To facilitate this transition, we've temporarily reduced the cost of Deralium Chunks at the shrine, making it easier for players to get their boss weapons from 5 to 10, but also to make it easier to try out different weapons and create more varied builds.

    Our goal is to foster a more varied and enjoyable gaming experience for all, while avoiding overpowered weapons. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support.

    Other Tweaks
    Additionally, we've made these additional adjustments for PVP:
    • The host is now unable to return to the Main Menu while the Crimson Ritual is in progress.
    • We've made adjustments to the invasion volume boxes, increasing their size slightly to help reduce disconnections. This is an ongoing process, so you can expect to see further improvements in this patch, with additional enhancements planned for the next week.
    • We have enhanced the visual feedback for player eliminations in PvP to provide a more rewarding experience.
    • Fixed an issue in which the invader could enter the host's world with reduced mana, ammo, or HP if the level disparity between the two players was too high. >> provoked a crash under very specific conditions, reverted in hotfix 1.1.286

Lords of the Fallen Items

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