Last Epoch Gold Sink

Currently, Last Epoch has a limited number of dedicated gold sinks, meaning ways to remove gold from the game’s economy. This can lead to players accumulating large amounts of gold without much to spend it on. However, there are some options and potential future changes to consider:

Current Gold Sinks:

  • Stash Tabs: Expanding your stash space requires gold, which can help keep some gold flowing out of circulation, especially for new players.
  • Respec: Changing your passive skill tree points costs gold, offering a small sink for players who experiment often.
  • Lightless Arbor Gamble: This gambling mechanic allows you to spend gold for a chance at valuable rewards, but the odds are stacked against you, effectively removing some gold from circulation.

Future Possibilities:

  • Crafting: The developers have expressed interest in implementing a crafting system in the future, which could potentially use gold as a resource, creating a more significant sink.
  • High-End Gem Upgrades: Currently, upgrading gems to higher tiers is limited by finding the necessary materials. Implementing a gold cost for these upgrades could create a sink for players with maxed-out gems.
  • Consumable Buffs: Offering temporary buffs for purchase with gold could be a way to encourage players to spend their wealth without affecting game balance too much.

Additional Notes:

  • While the lack of dedicated gold sinks might seem like an issue, it also ensures that gold remains readily available for essential purchases like stash tabs and respecs.
  • The developers are actively working on new features and balancing the game, so the introduction of new gold sinks is a possibility in future updates.
  • Remember, the main purpose of gold is to facilitate your in-game progress, not to become the sole focus of your gameplay.

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