PoE Kinetic Blast of Clustering Transfigured

PoE Kinetic Blast of Clustering 3.24

Kinetic Blast of Clustering Kinetic Blast of Clustering is a Transfigured Gem. Transfigured Gems are alternative versions of existing skill gems that have different functionality and balance.

Tags: Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical. Level: (1–20). Cost: (15–16) Mana.

Requires Level (28–70), (67–155) Int

Fires a projectile from a Wand that causes a series of area explosions in a secondary radius around its point of impact, each damaging enemies.

  • Deals Added Physical Damage equal to (8–15)% of Maximum Mana
  • Modifiers to number of Projectiles instead apply to the number of Explosions
  • Creates 3 explosions
  • Base explosion radius is 1.9 metres
  • Base secondary radius is 2.8 metres
  • Projectiles cannot Split

Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality: Creates (0–1) explosions

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Kinetic Blast of Clustering

PoE Kinetic Blast of Clustering Necropolis Build 3.24

Kinetic Blast of Clustering is a variation of the Kinetic Blast skill gem in Path of Exile: Necropolis League. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Base Mechanics:

  • Projectile Attack: Similar to regular Kinetic Blast, this version fires a projectile from your wand. It scales with your weapon attack speed and projectile damage modifiers.
  • Area Explosions: The key difference is that upon hitting an enemy, this skill triggers a series of area explosions around the impact point. This adds significant AoE (Area of Effect) damage potential.

Modified Mechanics:

  • Increased Explosions: Kinetic Blast of Clustering inherently creates 4 additional explosions compared to the base version. This significantly increases the area covered and overall damage dealt by the skill.
  • Mana Scaling: The skill deals added physical damage equal to 15% of your maximum mana. This provides a unique scaling mechanic that rewards investing in mana regeneration and pool size.
  • Projectile to Explosion Conversion: Modifiers that normally increase the number of projectiles for Kinetic Blast are instead applied to the number of explosions in this version. This means you can’t fire multiple projectiles but can significantly increase the number of explosions for wider area coverage.

Additional Details:

  • Base Radii: The primary explosion around the impact point has a base radius of 1.9 meters, and the secondary explosions have a base radius of 2.8 meters. These can be further increased with specific support gems or passive skills focused on AoE.
  • No Split Projectiles: This version of the skill doesn’t allow the use of modifiers that would cause the projectile to split into multiple projectiles.

Overall, Kinetic Blast of Clustering is a variation focused on maximizing the AoE damage potential of the skill. It offers a unique way to scale damage through mana investment and provides a wider area of effect compared to the base Kinetic Blast.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Build Focus: This skill variant is ideal for builds that prioritize clearing large packs of enemies quickly. The high AoE damage and reliance on mana scaling might not be optimal for single-target boss encounters.
  • Support Gems: Choosing the right support gems is crucial. Consider options that enhance AoE damage, projectile speed, and potentially mana regeneration to support the scaling mechanic.
  • Cluster Jewels: Some Cluster Jewels in the Necropolis passive tree might offer specific benefits for Kinetic Blast builds, potentially further enhancing its damage or offering utility benefits.

For a more comprehensive understanding of how to build a character around Kinetic Blast of Clustering, checking Path of Exile resources or build guides specifically focused on this variation is recommended. They can offer detailed information on support gem synergies, passive skill allocation for mana scaling, and overall build strategies.

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Detonation Chain Reaction: Unveiling Kinetic Blast of Clustering

Kinetic Blast of Clustering is a unique version of the Kinetic Blast skill gem in Path of Exile. Here's a breakdown of its mechanics and how it differs from the base Kinetic Blast:

Explosive Projectiles:

  • Fires a single projectile from a wand, but unlike the base gem, this version focuses on explosions rather than multiple projectiles.
  • Upon hitting an enemy or reaching its maximum distance, the projectile triggers a series of area of effect (AoE) explosions centered around the impact point.

Clustered Detonations (Key Difference):

  • Has a fixed number of explosions (3) detonating in a secondary radius around the impact point (base radius: 2.8 meters).
  • This differs from the base Kinetic Blast where modifiers to the number of projectiles would increase the number of explosions. Here, the explosions are independent of projectile count.

Damage and Scaling:

  • Deals added physical damage based on a percentage of your maximum mana (8-15%).
  • Quality can increase the number of explosions by up to 1 (maximum of 4 at 20% quality).

Key Points:

  • Clear Speed: Effective for clearing groups of enemies clustered together due to the AoE explosions.
  • Mana Scaling: Damage scales with your maximum mana pool, rewarding investment in mana.
  • Limited Single-Target: Less effective against single targets compared to the base Kinetic Blast that can fire multiple projectiles.


  • Positioning: Requires strategic positioning to maximize the overlap of explosions on enemy groups.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is important to ensure consistent projectile hits and trigger explosions.

Possible Uses:

  • Mana stacking builds that can leverage the damage scaling based on maximum mana.
  • Builds focused on efficiently clearing large packs of enemies.

Compared to Base Kinetic Blast:

  • Area of Effect: Clustering prioritizes AoE explosions, while the base gem offers more flexibility with multiple projectiles that can be good for both single-target and AoE.
  • Damage Scaling: Clustering scales with mana, while the base gem scales with various physical damage modifiers.
  • Playstyle: Clustering rewards strategic positioning for explosions, while the base gem offers more versatility in projectile targeting.

In Conclusion:

Kinetic Blast of Clustering offers an alternative playstyle for Kinetic Blast, sacrificing some single-target focus for a more explosive approach to clearing large groups of enemies. It caters to builds that stack mana and strategically position themselves to maximize the impact of the clustered detonations.

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