Governor of Poker 3 Heads Up Challenge Gop3

The Heads Up Challenge in Governor of Poker 3 is an intense, two-player knockout tournament designed to test your poker skills against a single opponent in a series of rounds. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting game mode.

What is a Heads Up Challenge?

The Heads Up Challenge is a 2-player knockout poker tournament consisting of 12 rounds. The objective is to win as many rounds as possible to claim higher prizes. Here are the key details:

  • Rounds: The tournament is made up of 12 rounds.

  • Winning: The more rounds you win, the higher the prize.

  • Top Prize: To win the top prize, you must win all 12 rounds.

  • Elimination: You are allowed up to 3 losses before being knocked out of the tournament. You do not need to win all rounds consecutively.

Where Can I Play Heads Up Challenge?

Increase your winnings with more Governor of Poker 3 free chips. To participate in the Heads Up Challenge:

  • World Map: Click or tap on the Heads Up Challenge chest displayed on the World Map.
  • Unlock Requirement: You must reach at least Level 25 to unlock and play the Heads Up Challenge.

Types of Heads Up Challenges

There are two types of Heads Up Challenges available, each with different entry fees and rewards:

  1. Rookie Challenge:

    • Entry Fee: 20 Gold
    • Top Prize: $1,000,000
    • Leaderboard Points: 1,000
  2. Pro Challenge:

    • Entry Fee: 50 Gold
    • Top Prize: $5,000,000
    • Leaderboard Points: 5,000


By participating in Heads Up Challenges, you can win a variety of prizes, including:

  • Hats

  • Pins

  • Chips

The value of the prizes increases as you progress through the higher rounds and by participating in the Pro Challenge.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the Heads Up Challenge includes a buy-in plus an additional fee:

  • Fee: This is a percentage of the chips paid on top of the buy-in. The fee will never exceed 10%. For example, if the buy-in is 1,000 chips, you will pay 1,100 chips in total (including the fee).

Resuming a Heads Up Challenge

If you can’t complete the Heads Up Challenge you’re playing:

  • Resume Later: You can leave the challenge and resume it at any time, provided you haven’t lost 3 rounds. This allows you to take breaks and return to the game whenever you’re ready.


The Heads Up Challenge in Governor of Poker 3 offers a thrilling and competitive two-player poker experience. By understanding the rules, types of challenges, prizes, and fee structure, you can maximize your chances of success and enjoy the excitement of this knockout tournament. Reach Level 25 to unlock this feature and start your journey to becoming a Heads Up Challenge champion!

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