PoE Foil Items Uniques

Introduced extremely rare foil versions of Pinnacle Unique Items. These are functionally equivalent to the regular versions, just shiny.

Voidborn Foil items are available with the following colour gradients.

Voidborn Foil items color

A Foil item (formerly Relic) is an item that can be found by opening a Relic Vault within a Reliquary map area (not to be confused with the Relic Chamber Map). These can be accessed with a Reliquary Key, rare items that have been temporarily introduced throughout the game.

PoE Voidborn Reliquary Item

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The Ancient Reliquary Key gives a Foil item in its "legacy" version, unique items that had their modifiers adjusted in power through patches. These versions retain their original balance values, regardless of if they are weaker or stronger than their current versions, therefore sometimes holding greater value if they had better stats. Using a Divine Orb on these Foil rerolls its values to be within range of the unique's current stats, while retaining its Foil status. However, certain features of the Foils cannot be rerolled, such as base item type, which can be either positive or negative. Items are weighted based on their rarity. It was only available during the duration of the Legacy league.

The Timeworn Reliquary Key gives a Foil version of a league-specific unique item (not including items from Delve and later challenge leagues). Items from this key are equally weighted among all of its outcomes. These items use current modifier values. It was only available during the duration of the Delve league.

The Vaal Reliquary Key gives a Foil version of a Vaal-themed unique items. Items from this key are equally weighted among all of its outcomes. These items use current modifier values. It was only available during the duration of the Ultimatum league.

In the Lake of Kalandra expansion, seven Reliquary Keys were introduced that rarely drop from Uber Pinnacle Bosses. These can provide a Foil version of each respective Uber boss' exclusive unique items. Items are weighted based on their rarity. These items use current modifier values. Their drop pools were also updated when their respective bosses gained new uniques. They include:

  • Forgotten Reliquary Key
  • Visceral Reliquary Key
  • Shiny Reliquary Key
  • Archive Reliquary Key
  • Oubliette Reliquary Key
  • Cosmic Reliquary Key
  • Decaying Reliquary Key

The Voidborn Reliquary Key gives a custom Foil version of Unique items selected by players who purchased the Voidborn Supporter Pack. Unlike previous Reliquary Keys, items from this Relic Vault drop with one of the following foil types chosen by the supporter: Amethyst, Verdant, Ruby, Cobalt, Sunset, or Aureate. Items are weighted based on their rarity, and the drop rate of the key will also vary depending on the overall rarity of its possible outcomes. Duplicate entries increase the weight of that unique/foil combination. These items use current modifier values. Its contents update as supporters redeem their Voidborn Reliquary item selections.

Certain items that can be upgraded retain their foil when upgraded, such as Breach uniques and Incursion uniques. Corrupting a foil unique into a rare item will cause it to lose its foil effect. Transforming the item through Ancient Orb or other similar methods will also cause it to lose its foil effect.

Ancient Reliquary Key Foil items

Aegis Aurora
The Anvil
The Blood Dance
The Bringer of Rain
Chill of Corruption
Cloak of Defiance
The Covenant
Crest of Perandus
Cybil's Paw
Divination Distillate
Ephemeral Edge
Eye of Chayula
Hyrri's Ire
Kaom's Heart
Kaom's Sign
Lightning Coil
Lioneye's Glare
Lioneye's Remorse
Maligaro's Virtuosity
Meginord's Girdle
Perandus Blazon
Prism Guardian
Reach of the Council
Rise of the Phoenix
Rumi's Concoction
Sadima's Touch
Saffell's Frame
The Searing Touch
Shavronne's Revelation
Shavronne's Wrappings
Soul Strike
Soul Taker
The Supreme Truth
Taryn's Shiver
Taste of Hate
Thief's Torment
Vessel of Vinktar
Wings of Entropy

Timeworn Reliquary Key Foil Items List

Timeworn Reliquary Key drops alternative art version of league-exclusive items (until Incursion league). The chance are equally weighted. (1/154). There are initially 151 items available from the Reliquary , with 3 more are added to the drop table few patches later (Fate of the Vaal, Night's Hold and Natural Hierarchy) In addition, foil versions of The Taming and The Retch can be created by using foil version of the ingredients in the vendor recipes. Lastly, 1 socket and 2 sockets version of Bubonic Trail, Tombfist and Lightpoacher are not counted separately, making there is a total of 156 items for this set of foils.

Note that Foil version of Breach and Incursion upgraded items are drop naturally and does not requires Blessing or Vial.

  • Anarchy/Onslaught leagues
    • Daresso's Salute
    • Gifts from Above
    • Shavronne's Revelation
    • Voll's Devotion
    • Death Rush
    • Victario's Acuity
  • Nemesis/Domination leagues
    • Berek's Grip
    • Berek's Pass
    • Berek's Respite
      • The Taming
    • Blood of the Karui
    • Lavianga's Spirit
    • Headhunter
    • The Gull
  • Invasion/Ambush leagues
    • Vaal Caress
    • Voideye
  • Rampage leagues
    • Flesh and Spirit
    • Null and Void
    • Shadows and Dust
  • Beyond leagues
    • Edge of Madness
    • The Dark Seer
    • The Harvest
  • Torment leagues
    • Brutus' Lead Sprinkler
    • Scold's Bridle
    • The Rat Cage
  • Bloodlines leagues
    • Tasalio's Sign
    • Ngamahu's Sign
    • Valako's Sign
  • Warbands leagues
    • Brinerot Flag
    • Redblade Banner
    • Brinerot Whalers
    • Mutewind Pennant
    • Mutewind Whispersteps
    • Brinerot Mark
    • Mutewind Seal
    • Redblade Band
    • Redblade Tramplers
    • The Pariah
    • Steppan Eard
    • Broken Faith
  • Tempest leagues
    • Trolltimber Spire
    • Crown of the Pale King
    • Ylfeban's Trickery
    • Jorrhast's Blacksteel
  • Talisman leagues
    • Faminebind
    • Feastbind
      • The Retch
    • Rigwald's Command
    • Rigwald's Crest
    • Rigwald's Quills
    • Rigwald's Savagery
    • Blightwell
    • Rigwald's Curse
    • Eyes of the Greatwolf
    • Night's Hold
    • Natural Hierarchy
  • Perandus leagues
    • Seven-League Step
    • Zerphi's Last Breath
    • Umbilicus Immortalis
    • Trypanon
    • Varunastra
    • The Perandus Manor
  • Prophecy leagues (note: fated uniques are not included)
    • The Ascetic
    • Hinekora's Sight
    • Ascent From Flesh
    • Kintsugi
    • Mind of the Council
    • Grip of the Council
    • Reach of the Council
    • Breath of the Council
  • Breach leagues
    • Base unique items (note: Eye of Chayula is not a Breach unique)
      • Xoph's Inception
      • The Formless Flame
      • Xoph's Heart
      • Tulborn
      • The Snowblind Grace
      • The Halcyon
      • Hand of Thought and Motion
      • Esh's Mirror
      • Voice of the Storm
      • Uul-Netol's Kiss
      • The Infinite Pursuit
      • The Anticipation
      • Severed in Sleep
      • The Blue Dream
      • The Green Dream
      • The Red Dream
      • Skin of the Loyal
    • upgraded unique items:
      • Xoph's Nurture
      • The Formless Inferno
      • Xoph's Blood
      • Tulfall
      • The Perfect Form
      • The Pandemonius
      • Hand of Wisdom and Action
      • Esh's Visage
      • Choir of the Storm
      • Uul-Netol's Embrace
      • The Red Trail
      • The Surrender
      • United in Dream
      • Presence of Chayula
      • The Red Nightmare
      • The Green Nightmare
      • The Blue Nightmare
      • Skin of the Lords
  • Harbinger leagues: (note: The Beachhead does not have a foil variant.)
    • The Flow Untethered
    • The Fracturing Spinner
    • The Tempest's Binding
    • The Rippling Thoughts
    • The Enmity Divine
    • The Unshattered Will
  • Abyss leagues
    • Bubonic Trail
    • Tombfist
    • Lightpoacher
    • Darkness Enthroned
    • Shroud of the Lightless
  • Bestiary leagues
    • Craiceann's Carapace
    • Craiceann's Chitin
    • Craiceann's Pincers
    • Craiceann's Tracks
    • Farrul's Bite
    • Farrul's Chase
    • Farrul's Fur
    • Farrul's Pounce
    • Fenumus' Shroud
    • Fenumus' Spinnerets
    • Fenumus' Toxins
    • Fenumus' Weave
    • Saqawal's Flock
    • Saqawal's Nest
    • Saqawal's Talons
    • Saqawal's Winds
  • Incursion leagues
    • Shadowstitch
    • String of Servitude
    • Base items:
      • Apep's Slumber
      • Architect's Hand
      • Coward's Chains
      • Dance of the Offered
      • Mask of the Spirit Drinker
      • Sacrificial Heart
      • Soul Catcher
      • Story of the Vaal
      • Tempered Flesh
      • Tempered Mind
      • Tempered Spirit
    • Upgraded items:
      • Apep's Supremacy
      • Coward's Legacy
      • Mask of the Stitched Demon
      • Omeyocan
      • Slavedriver's Hand
      • Soul Ripper
      • Transcendent Flesh
      • Transcendent Mind
      • Transcendent Spirit
      • Zerphi's Heart
      • Fate of the Vaal

List of Foil items (Vaal Reliquary Key)

There are 69 foils from Vaal Reliquary Key (71 if counting the slots in Unique Collection Tab and per basetype, more than 71 if counting all the possible implicit and explicit modifiers)

Apep's Rage
Apep's Slumber
Apep's Supremacy
Arakaali's Fang
Ascent From Flesh
Atziri's Acuity
Atziri's Disfavour
Atziri's Foible
Atziri's Mirror
Atziri's Promise
Atziri's Reflection
Atziri's Rule
Atziri's Splendour (9 variants)
Atziri's Step
Blood of Corruption
Cane of Unravelling
Cerberus Limb
Coward's Chains
Coward's Legacy
Dance of the Offered
Demon Stitcher
Doryani's Catalyst
Doryani's Delusion (3 basetype variants; with pre-selected explicit modifiers based on the basetype)
Doryani's Fist
Doryani's Invitation (4 variants)
Doryani's Machinarium
Dream Fragments
Fate of the Vaal
Glorious Vanity
Mark of Submission
Mask of the Spirit Drinker
Mask of the Stitched Demon
Maw of Conquest
Offering to the Serpent (non-synthesised)
Pledge of Hands
Rathpith Globe
Rebuke of the Vaal
Rumi's Concoction
Sacrificial Heart
Soul Catcher
Soul Ripper
Soul Tether
Story of the Vaal
String of Servitude (random implicit)
Tempered Flesh
Tempered Mind
Tempered Spirit
The Queen's Hunger
The Vertex
Transcendent Flesh
Transcendent Mind
Transcendent Spirit
Triumvirate Authority (2 variants: 3 random mods or 4 random mods)
Umbilicus Immortalis
Vaal Caress
Vaults of Atziri
Zeel's Amplifier
Zerphi's Heart
Zerphi's Last Breath

Note that not all incursion league unique have foil variants from the Vaal Reliquary. There are no foil versions of Replica items or Doryani's Prototype.

List of Foil items (Pinnacle Boss Reliquary Keys)

Each Reliquary Key drops alternative art versions of their respective Uber Pinnacle Boss uniques. It is unknown if these items are weighted the same as their respective bosses.

  • Forgotten Reliquary Key (Uber Venarius)
    • Offering to the Serpent
    • Nebulis
    • Bottled Faith
    • Garb of the Ephemeral
    • Rational Doctrine
  • Visceral Reliquary Key (Uber Eater)
    • The Gluttonous Tide
    • Inextricable Fate
    • Melding of the Flesh
    • Ashes of the Stars
    • Forbidden Flesh (any variant)
    • Nimis
  • Archive Reliquary Key (Uber Exarch)
    • The Annihilating Light
    • Dawnbreaker
    • Dissolution of the Flesh
    • Crystallised Omniscience
    • Forbidden Flame (any variant)
    • Dawnstrider
    • Annihilation's Approach
  • Shiny Reliquary Key (Uber Maven)
    • Legacy of Fury
    • Viridi's Veil
    • Arn's Anguish
    • Graven's Secret
    • Olesya's Delight
    • Impossible Escape
    • Doppelgänger Guise
    • Echoforge
    • Progenesis
  • Oubliette Reliquary Key (Uber Sirus)
    • Crown of the Inward Eye
    • Hands of the High Templar
    • The Burden of Truth
    • The Saviour
    • Thread of Hope (any variant)
    • Oriath's End
  • Cosmic Reliquary Key (Uber Shaper)
    • Shaper's Touch
    • Voidwalker
    • Echoes of Creation
    • Dying Sun
    • Starforge
    • Solstice Vigil
    • Sublime Vision
    • Entropic Devastation
  • Decaying Reliquary Key (Uber Uber Elder)
    • Mark of the Shaper
    • Mark of the Elder
    • Indigon
    • Call of the Void
    • Voidfletcher
    • Disintegrator
    • Voidforge
    • The Eternity Shroud
    • Watcher's Eye (3 mod)
    • Impresence (Full power variant (2 curses))
    • Sublime Vision
    • Soul Ascension

List of Foil items (Voidborn Reliquary Key)

Due to the list including over 1000+ items, please refer to the above link for full details, including specific combinations and supporter custom text.

Some rules specific to this Reliquary Key:

  • Both the Key and the items that drop within it are weighted based on the rarity of items submitted by supporters. Rarer items like Mageblood will be significantly less common than items like Tabula Rasa. Multiple supporters picking the same item will still increase the weight of that item in the overall pool. Items are added periodically as supporters submit entries, approximately once a week.
    • The Key's rarity dynamically updates based on the overall average rarity of items included in its drop pool.
  • There are almost no restrictions to Unique items, as long as they are eligible to be obtained in a challenge league. This includes (Uber) boss uniques and other drop-restricted items.
    • Notably, item selection can include items specific to the current challenge league's league mechanic, allowing players in permanent leagues to obtain items like The Balance of Terror (during Sanctum league) before the league has been decided to be a core game mechanic or not, without having to migrate a dead hardcore character.
  • Unique items that drop with variants (including base type, modifier, etc.) count as a single entry; the variant a user will receive is random.
    • Unique item variants that have additional restrictions (e.g. Massive Ring Thread of Hope typically limited to Uber Sirus, or three-mod Watcher's Eye typically limited to Uber Elder) are included in the variant selection.

Example: Hands of the High Templar

Hands of the High Templar is a unique Crusader Gloves. Gloves. Armour: 121–139. Energy Shield: 25–28.

Requires 51 Str, 51 Int, Level 66.

  • Can be modified while Corrupted
  • Can have up to 5 Implicit Modifiers while Item has this Modifier
  • (150–200)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
  • (7–12)% increased maximum Life
  • +(20–30)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
  • (Loses all but 1 Implicit Modifier if this Modifier is lost)

Flavor text: The laws of the faith do not apply to its leader.

foil Hands of the High Templar PoE

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