FFXIV How To Make Gil Without Crafting

If you want to make gil in FFXIV without crafting, there are several effective methods you can explore:

  1. Treasure Maps: Treasure Maps are a popular way to earn gil. You can buy maps like Zonureskin, Dragonskin, and Kumbhiraskin from the Market Board or gather them yourself if you have a high-level gathering class. Completing these maps can yield valuable materials and items that sell for high prices on the Market Board​​​​.

  2. Retainer Ventures: Assign your retainers to gather items through Ventures. This passive income can steadily add up, especially if you send them after high-demand items​​.

  3. Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers: By participating in Shared FATEs in Endwalker zones, you can earn Bicolor Gemstones, which can be exchanged for vouchers and sold on the Market Board for significant gil​​.

  4. Allagan Tomestones: Use Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism and Astronomy to buy high-demand crafting materials, such as Alchemical Abrasive and Thavnairian Thread, which can then be sold on the Market Board. Participating in Daily Roulettes and level 90 dungeons is a quick way to farm these tomestones​​.

  5. Grand Company Seals: Exchange seals for crafting materials and items that can be sold on the Market Board. Farming seals through Grand Company turn-ins, FATEs, and supply missions can be very profitable​​.

  6. Beast Tribe Quests: Completing Beast Tribe quests increases your reputation, allowing you to purchase exclusive items, mounts, and minions that can be sold for gil. This method is particularly useful for selling rare dyes and other unique items​​.

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These methods can help you generate a substantial amount of gil without needing to delve into crafting. For more detailed strategies, checking community guides and forums can provide additional tips and up-to-date market trends.

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