FC 24 Dynamics Duos Players

Dynamics Duos

Dynamic Duos items are special cards of players from the same club and/or nation, released at once via SBCs.

Dynamic Duos are special player items released with boosted stats. These untradeable players’ cards are available on squad building challenges.

What makes these items different is the fact to be released in pairs, featuring players of the same club and/or nation. By completing the respective challenges, you win items that improve its chemistry when used together in the same team.

Contrary to other special cards, Dynamic Duos don’t feature dynamic images. However, all these cards are released with permanently improved stats and ratings. Unfortunately, you cannot find them in UT packs. To get these cards, you must complete a specific challenge.

Last year we introduced Dynamics Duos to help facilitate squad building in the new chemistry system, by releasing two special Players from the same club. With the way that men’s and women’s club chemistry works this year, we’ll expand Dynamic Duos to potentially include men’s and women’s Players from the same club. These unique combinations will help hybrid squad building across men’s and women’s football.

FC 24 Dynamics Duos

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FC 24 Dynamic Duos items are special items released at once from players of the same club and/or nation.
FC 24 Dynamic Duos can only be earned by completing the respective player SBC.
Dynamic Duos items feature booster stats and ratings.
No. Dynamic Duos are not dynamic.

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