PoE Eternal Damnation

Eternal Damnation Agate Amulet

Eternal Damnation

Eternal Damnation is a unique Agate Amulet. Amulets.

Requires Level 52.

  • +(16–24) to Strength and Intelligence

  • +(40–70) to maximum Mana
  • (-13–13)% to Chaos Resistance
  • -5% to all maximum Resistances
  • Gain additional Elemental Damage Reduction equal to half your Chaos Resistance
  • (Maximum Resistances cannot be raised above 90%)

Flavour Text: The price of immortality is isolation.

How to get it?

  • Exclusive to a Forbidden Sanctum boss.
  • Drops from Lycia, Herald of the Scourge in the Forbidden Sanctum.

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  • Gain additional Elemental Damage Reduction equal to half your Chaos Resistance grants #% damage reduction equal to half of the character's capped Chaos Resistance. This equals to a maximum of 35% Elemental Damage Reduction with 70% max Chaos Res, or 40% Elemental Damage Reduction with both max res buffs from Mahuxotl's Machination (80% max Chaos Res).
  • Other sources of maximum Chaos Resistance or all Resistance include One with Evil, Born of Chaos, Antivenom, Cult of Chaos, and body armour eldritch implicit modifiers.
  • Elemental Damage Reduction works with Damage over Time.

Eternal Damnation Build 3.20

This amulet offers a powerful way to gain additional Elemental mitigation by introducing the concept of Elemental damage reduction.

Despite the drawback of reducing your maximum resistances if you have sufficient chaos resistance. This is more than compensated for, because of the roguelike nature of the Forbidden sanctum.

Defeating the boss of a floor is a difficult achievement and hence rewards a lot of experience. You may fail on the way so if you do manage. It expects a good experience boost for your achievement.

Eternal Damnation

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