Diablo 4 Event Tracker

When it comes to Diablo 4 event trackers, you have a few great options! Here are some of the most popular ones:


  • Diablo4.life: This comprehensive website offers a dedicated zone event tracker that shows the current status of World Bosses, Helltides, Legion Events, and even smaller events like Mysterious Chests and Roaming Events. You can see remaining spawn timers, locations, and even report events to help others locate them.
  • Wowhead: Well-known for their WoW guides, Wowhead has also ventured into Diablo 4 territory. Their event tracker is straightforward and provides clear timers and locations for Helltides, Legion Events, and World Bosses.
  • Maxroll.gg: Another prominent gaming guide website, Maxroll offers a concise event tracker with timers and locations for the major events. They also have guides and builds if you need an extra edge during the encounters.

Mobile Apps:

  • D4 Events Time Tracker: This Android app specifically focuses on tracking World Bosses, Helltides, and Legion Events. It features timers, maps, and notifications to keep you informed about upcoming events.
  • Diablo 4 Companion: A more all-encompassing app, Diablo 4 Companion provides event tracking alongside interactive maps, news, build guides, and even a damage calculator.

Community Resources:

  • Reddit r/Diablo: The subreddit is a vibrant community where players share information and updates about events. You can often find posts within minutes of an event occurring, providing quick guidance on location and tactics.
  • Discord Servers: Many Diablo 4 Discord servers have dedicated channels for event announcements and discussions. Joining a server of your choice can keep you in the loop with real-time updates and community insights.

Choosing the best tracker depends on your preferences:

  • Website: Best for detailed information and reporting functionalities.
  • Mobile App: Great for on-the-go notifications and reminders.
  • Community Resources: Ideal for interacting with other players and getting real-time updates.

No matter which option you choose, having a reliable event tracker will significantly enhance your Diablo 4 experience and ensure you never miss out on valuable loot and challenging encounters.

I hope this information helps you choose the perfect tracker for your needs!

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