Borderlands 3 Money Farming Guide 2024

In Borderlands 3, accumulating money (or cash) efficiently is essential for buying better weapons, gear, and other in-game necessities. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your money farming:

1. Utilize Mayhem Mode

a. Higher Difficulty, Higher Rewards:

  • Activate Mayhem Mode: Once you complete the main story, activate Mayhem Mode. Higher Mayhem levels increase the amount of money enemies drop.
  • Balance Difficulty and Efficiency: Choose a Mayhem level that you can handle efficiently without dying too frequently to maximize your money and loot gain.

2. Farming Bosses

a. Boss Farming:

  • Graveward: Known for dropping a significant amount of money and valuable loot. Head to Eden-6 and defeat Graveward multiple times.
  • Katagawa Jr.: Another boss that is relatively easy to farm and drops good loot and cash.
  • Captain Traunt: Located on Athenas, Captain Traunt can be farmed for both cash and gear.

b. Speed and Efficiency:

  • Optimize Your Build: Use a build that maximizes your damage output and survivability to defeat bosses quickly.
  • Use the Right Gear: Equip weapons and gear that are effective against the specific boss you are farming.

3. Slaughter Shaft and Circle of Slaughter

a. Arena Challenges:

  • Slaughter Shaft: This is one of the best places to farm money. Completing waves of enemies here provides significant cash and loot drops.
  • Circle of Slaughter: Participate in Circle of Slaughter challenges to earn large amounts of money and loot. The Cistern of Slaughter on Promethea is a good choice.

b. Team Up:

  • Co-op Mode: Team up with other players to complete these challenges more efficiently. More enemies and loot drop when playing in co-op mode.

4. Selling Unwanted Gear

a. Regularly Clean Your Inventory:

  • Sell Excess Gear: After farming sessions, sell all the gear you don’t need. Prioritize selling higher rarity items like legendaries and epics for more money.
  • Compare Prices: Check the selling price and make sure you are selling at a vendor that offers the best rates.

5. Looting and Exploring

a. Open Every Container:

  • Loot Everything: Open every lootable container, chest, and crate you find. These often contain money and valuable items.
  • Look for Hidden Areas: Explore maps thoroughly for hidden chests and secret areas that can contain high-value loot.

b. Exploit Money Exploits:

  • Eridium Exploit: In certain locations, such as the Jacob’s Estate and Voracious Canopy, you can farm Eridium which can then be used to buy cosmetic items that sell for a good amount of money.
  • High-Value Targets: Some enemies and locations are known to drop more money. Focus on these areas during your explorations.

6. Side Missions and Challenges

a. Complete Side Missions:

  • Side Missions: Many side missions reward you with a significant amount of money upon completion. Prioritize missions that offer high cash rewards.
  • Crew Challenges: Completing crew challenges also provides good rewards, including money and valuable loot.

b. Badass Rank:

  • Earn Badass Tokens: Complete in-game challenges to earn Badass Tokens. While they don’t directly give money, the stat boosts can help you farm more efficiently.

7. Exploit Money Farming Spots

a. Skywell-27:

  • Money Farming Spot: In Skywell-27, there are vending machines and an ammo dump near a save point. This allows you to repeatedly farm enemies and sell loot quickly.

b. The Droughts:

  • Dahl Orbital Control: In The Droughts, you can farm enemies around the Dahl Orbital Control for quick cash and loot drops.

8. Buy from Seller

Tips for Efficient Money Farming

  • Use Money Boost Gear: Equip artifacts and class mods that increase money drop rates or improve your loot luck.
  • Efficient Routes: Learn and optimize farming routes to maximize the amount of money and loot you can collect in a given time.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with game updates and community discoveries about new and effective farming spots or methods.

By using these strategies and optimizing your gameplay, you can efficiently farm money in Borderlands 3, ensuring you have ample resources to enhance your gaming experience.

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