PoE Sextant Recipe

Sextant Vendor Recipes

Outcome Vendor Recipes
1x Prime Sextant Prime Sextant 3x Simple Sextant Simple Sextant

1x Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant 3x Prime Sextant Prime Sextant

Sell three same-tier sextants to any vendor in exchange for a one-tier higher sextant.

Prime Sextant Recipe

Simple Sextant Simple Sextant is the lowest tier sextant. Sell three Simple Sextants to any vendor in exchange for a Prime Sextant Prime Sextant.

PoE Sextant Recipes

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Awakened Sextant Recipe

Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant is the highest tier sextant. You can get it by vendor three Prime Sextants.

Sextant Vendor Recipes

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