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Passive Tree Changes 3.14

  • A new Relentless and Veteran Soldier cluster has been added to the southeast of the Templar’s starting location. Relentless causes you to Regenerate 1% of Life per second if you have Stunned an Enemy Recently, and grants 25% increased Physical Damage. Veteran Soldier grants a +10% to Physical Damage over Time Multiplier, +20 to maximum Life, and 20% increased Physical Damage.
  • A new Vanquisher cluster has been added to the southwest of the Templar’s starting location. It causes you to Crush Enemies for 4 seconds when you Hit them while they are on Full Life, and grants 40% increased Physical Damage.
  • The Red Storm cluster has been removed and replaced with a new Vitality Vitality Extraction cluster. It causes you to Recover 2% of Life on Kill if you’ve Spent Life Recently, grants 25% increased Damage with Skills that Cost Life, and Life Flasks gain 1 Charge every 3 seconds.
  • The small nodes at the Scion’s starting location which previously granted increased Melee Physical Damage are no longer restricted to Melee only.
Passive Tree Changes
Born to Fight
  • The increased Melee Physical Damage and increased Melee Attack Speed modifiers are no longer restricted to Melee only.
  • No longer causes you to Lose 5 Rage when you Hit an Enemy, no more than once every 0.3 seconds.
  • Now causes Skills to cost +3 Rage.
Corrupted Soul
  • Now causes you to Gain 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield (previously 20%).
Hardened Scars
  • No longer grants Fortify during the Effect of any Life Flask.
  • Now grants Fortify while Recovering Life from a Life Flask.
Versatile Stance
  • The small node in this cluster that previously granted increased Cooldown Recovery for Stance Skills now grants 10% reduced Reservation of Stance Skills.

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