NBA 2K21 MT Locker Code

What is the locker code?

Locker code is the text code you enter into the game, usually rewarding you with a free player or backpack from NBA 2K21 myteam. Sometimes 2K publishes mycareer’s code, which can help you palying game without needing to farm mt 2K21.

Will the locker password expire?

The locker password usually expires in one week. Some locker passwords never expire.

How to get the locker code?

Locker code is usually posted on 2K twitter. You can give them a look. Of course, you can always find the latest code on our locker code page. We usually provide the corresponding code within 15-20 minutes after the code is released.

Do you create a locker code? Can you give me a pink diamond code?

No, we don’t work for 2K. We’ve released the 2K release locker codes, so they’re all in one place and easy to find.

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NBA 2K21 New Locker Codes

The major focus of the latest NBA 2K21 MyTeam content release is the Spotlight Sim Series, League Series II and Heat Check packs.

There is more content here for those who are chasing the Completionist goal, but competitive players will focus on one of the Pink Diamonds in this release.

New Locker Code Delivers MT or League Series I and II Pack

With the development of locker code, it’s quite docile, but my motto is always to take whatever collector mode offers you for free.

In the best case, you can get one of the new spotlight SIM series moments cards.

As always, it’s good luck to dribble.

The New Spotlight Sim Series Moments Cards

The latest in the NBA 2K world includes six new spotlight SIM moments cards. These cards, such as the last pile highlighted by pink diamond Ja Morant, are generated by the 2K community.

Because NBA basketball is suspended, and there is no new moments card in the real action, 2K has maintained continuous development by allowing fans to submit impressive box scoring screenshots to highlight their outstanding performance.

If boxcore is impressive enough, 2K generates a moments card for the player and publishes it to the community.

The Pink Diamond Lance Stephenson is the Most Coveted Card in the Release

Stephenson, the pink diamond spear, is at the top of the other cards in this group. If you’ve ever used Amethyst Stephenson, you know it’s one of the biggest value cards in the model (if not).

Because of its combination of animation, speed, three-point shooting and dunking ability, it can play a role at the level of most pink diamonds.

Now, imagine doubling the performance of the same card, which is what pink diamond Stephenson offers.

Take a look at these upgrades:

  • Three-point shooting 88 to 91
  • Speed 89 to 94
  • Strength 74 to 80
  • Driving Dunk 85 to 95
  • Speed with the ball 89 to 93
  • Steal 92 to 95

The number of badges also jumped from 47 to 52, while Stephenson’s Hof badge number surged from 9 to 29.

PD Danilo Gallinari is a good card, mikal bridges is a suitable diamond, but PD lance is the one you want most in this version.

How to get new pink diamond spear Stephenson and other spotlight time cards

As usual, with moments, you can buy them through the pull bag and auction house. You can pull out the spotlight SIM series moments card through the League Series II or heat check pack.

You can also find these cards at the auction house.

At present, the mining volume of Stephenson pink diamond is close to 200000 nba 2K21 mt . Danilo Gallinari hovers around 100000 MT . Expect more 2K content from myteam, and introduce NBA 2k21 in the next few weeks.

Use daily login bonus and locker code

Given that myteam is clearly an important source of NBA 2K21 recurring revenue, it’s surprising that the model does release free content and currency in this way. Don’t get me wrong; I won’t defend the behavior of micro trading, etc. However, there are opportunities to get some great rewards for free, so it’s best to take advantage of them. First, try to start the mode at least every 24 hours to get a daily login reward. Even if a day’s pay isn’t very high – for example, 250 MT – it’s worth logging in every day to spin the wheels on Friday. Minimum pay is still useful for building teams.

In the first few months of NBA 2K21’s launch, 2K was a little stingy on locker codes, but since then, they have dropped more and more frequently. It takes only a few minutes to enter the locker code and drop the ball , and the reward is usually worth it. I admit that it’s a bit disappointing to get MT when a luxury Bonus Pack or token appears on the board, but again, it’s free, so you’re always in the lead. Even if you don’t like myteam in NBA 2K21 very much now, if you are interested in checking out this mode, I suggest you log in every day and enter locker code every time your password appears. It’s worth a few minutes.


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