Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar has been made to performance actions. Unlike other instruments, the electric guitar can change tones mid-performance.

Electric Guitar FFXIV

Changing Tones

A new UI widget has been added for the electric guitar with the following options:
* A mouse can be used to select tones directly from the UI.
* Keyboard keybinds can also be used to select tones.

Electric Guitar Changing Tones

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Tone Change: Next LT or RT+Right Stick (L2 or R2+R3)
Tone Change: Previous LT or RT+Left Stick (L2 or R2+L3)
The following options were added under Keyboard Controls in the Performance Settings window:
  • Tone Change: Next
  • Tone Change: Previous
  • Electric Guitar: Overdriven
  • Electric Guitar: Clean
  • Electric Guitar: Muted
  • Electric Guitar: Power Chords
  • Electric Guitar: Special

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