Divergent Exsanguinate PoE

1. Divergent Exsanguinate

Divergent Exsanguinate Divergent Exsanguinate is an Alternate Quality gem of Exsanguinate Exsanguinate.

Divergent Quality: Fires tendrils at up to +(0–2) Targets

Releases several tendrils of blood from your character, targeting enemies in a narrow angle in front of you. The beams deal physical damage and inflict a physical damage over time debuff to enemies, which can stack up to 3 times. Effects which allow skills to chain can apply to these tendrils.

It requires Level 12. Tag: Spell, Chaining, Physical, Duration.

  • Base duration is 1.00 seconds
  • Deals (17–807) to (25–1211) Physical Damage
  • Deals (23.4–1121.1) Base Physical Damage per second
  • Fires tendrils at up to (7–9) Targets
  • Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this Skill’s Damage Over Time effect

Divergent Exsanguinate

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2. Divergent Exsanguinate Alternate Quality

Gem Quality Stats Weight
Exsanguinate Exsanguinate (0–20)% increased Skill Effect Duration 100
Anomalous Exsanguinate Anomalous Exsanguinate (0–10)% increased Cast Speed 50
Divergent Exsanguinate Divergent Exsanguinate Fires tendrils at up to +(0–2) Targets 50

Prime Regrading Lens Prime Regrading Lens currency changes the type of quality of a Divergent Exsanguinate Divergent Exsanguinate skill gem to another random quality.

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