Creeping Agony

Creeping Agony is a fire debuff. You are taken base fire damage per minute.

Icon Name Effects
Creeping Agony Creeping Agony You are taking Burning Damage from a Creeping Agony.

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Creeping Agony Map Atlas

  • 3 uses remaining
  • 30% increased Quantity of Items found in Areas
  • Areas contain Creeping Agony

Version Changes

PoE 3.14.1b: Fixed a bug in the Malachai and Eater of Souls fights where a large number of Creeping Agonies were being created on top of each other.

PoE 2.4.2: The Sextant Mod which added Creeping Agony to your maps can no longer be generated.

PoE 2.0.2: The Creeping Agony in the final encounter now does 80% less damage to minions.

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