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Bestiary Changes 3.14

  • Added 10 new Beastcrafting recipes.
  • Splitting an item through Beastcrafting now applies a Split modifier to both items, preventing further splitting.
  • Party members that are not the map creator are now required to be within a 250 unit radius (roughly two screens) of a captured beast in order for it to be added to their Menagerie.

Complete encounter at Bestiary Blood Altar: Beastcrafting

Capture beasts first, then you get a beast crafting recipe, finally go to your menagerie and use the blood altar there. By doing these, you can complete encounter at Bestiary Blood Altar challenge.

Beastcrafting is a method of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie. Each beastcrafing recipe requires four beasts to be sacrificed, with most of them requiring one specific Red Beast and three Rare Beasts. The four chosen beasts are released into the arena surrounding the blood altar and must be killed to complete the recipe. If the player dies during the attempt, the recipe fails and the beasts are lost.

If an item is created, the resulting item level is equal to the level of the main beast sacrificed. Recipes that create unique items can generate league-specific uniques.

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PoE Menagerie beast recipes list

The table below displays the resulting crafts when sacrificing to the blood altar.

Header Subheader Notes Components
Add a Mod to a Flask Adds "of Curing" Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix 1x level 20+ Rare Any Creature
Add a Mod to a Flask Adds "of Dousing" Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix 1x level 20+ Rare Any Creature
Add a Mod to a Flask Adds "of Grounding" Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix 1x level 20+ Rare Any Creature
Add a Mod to a Flask Adds "of Heat" Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix 1x level 20+ Rare Any Creature
Add a Mod to a Flask Adds "of Staunching" Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix 1x level 20+ Rare Any Creature
Add a Mod to a Flask Adds "of Warding" Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix 1x level 20+ Rare Any Creature
Convert this Unique Item Into Another Random Unique Item 1x level 0+ Fenumal Scorpion
Corrupt an Armour or Weapon To have 30% Quality 1x level 0+ Craicic Vassal
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an Item Aspect of the Avian skill 1x level 0+ Saqawal, First of the Sky
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an Item Aspect of the Cat skill 1x level 0+ Farrul, First of the Plains
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an Item Aspect of the Crab skill 1x level 0+ Craiceann, First of the Deep
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an Item Aspect of the Spider skill 1x level 0+ Fenumus, First of the Night
Create a Unique Amulet 1x level 0+ Farric Chieftain
Create a Unique Axe 1x level 0+ Craicic Maw
Create a Unique Belt 1x level 0+ Farric Ape
Create a Unique Body Armour 1x level 0+ Farric Ursa
Create a Unique Boots 1x level 0+ Saqawine Retch
Create a Unique Bow 1x level 0+ Farric Goliath
Create a Unique Claw or Dagger 1x level 0+ Craicic Watcher
Create a Unique Flask 1x level 0+ Farric Goatman
Create a Unique Gloves 1x level 0+ Fenumal Widow
Create a Unique Helmet 1x level 0+ Farric Gargantuan
Create a Unique Item 1x level 0+ Craicic Savage Crab
Create a Unique Jewel 1x level 0+ Craicic Squid
Create a Unique Mace or Sceptre 1x level 0+ Saqawine Cobra
Create a Unique Map 1x level 0+ Farric Taurus
Create a Unique Ring 1x level 0+ Farric Flame Hellion Alpha
Create a Unique Shield or Quiver 1x level 0+ Fenumal Devourer
Create a Unique Staff 1x level 0+ Fenumal Queen
Create a Unique Sword 1x level 0+ Saqawine Blood Viper
Create a Unique Wand 1x level 0+ Fenumal Scrabbler
Create an Imprint Of a Magic Item 1x level 0+ Craicic Chimeral
Create an Item 23% Quality Corrupted Gem 1x level 0+ Farric Magma Hound
Create an Item A Stack of 10 Random Currency 1x level 0+ Saqawine Chimeral
Create an Item Fully-linked Six-socket Rare 1x level 0+ Saqawine Vulture
Create an Item Level 21 Corrupted Gem 1x level 0+ Farric Pit Hound
Create Currency Items A Stack of 4 Jeweller's Orbs 1x level 0+ Craicic Shield Crab
Create Currency Items A Stack of 8 Chromatic Orbs 1x level 0+ Saqawine Rhoa
Create Currency Items Orb of Fusing 1x level 0+ Craicic Sand Spitter
Modify Mods on an Item Add a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix Only works on rare items 1x level 0+ Farric Wolf Alpha
Modify Mods on an Item Add a Suffix, Remove a Random Prefix Only works on rare items 1x level 0+ Farric Lynx Alpha
Open a Portal to Craiceann's Cove 1x level 0+ Craicic Spider Crab
Open a Portal to Farrul's Den 1x level 0+ Farric Tiger Alpha
Open a Portal to Fenumus' Lair 1x level 0+ Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid
Open a Portal to Saqawal's Roost 1x level 0+ Saqawine Rhex
Reroll Mod Values Both Implicit and Explicit Mods of a Rare Item Numeric values of all mods are changed 1x level 0+ Farric Frost Hellion Alpha
Split an Item Into Two With Half the Mods on Each Item Does not work on Shaped or Elder items 1x level 0+ Fenumal Plagued Arachnid

Crafting Tips

Splitting a rare item into two can turn one or both copies into a magic item depending on the remaining mod count.

How to farm Bestiary Orb?

Bestiary Orb Bestiary Orb is a PoE currency. It can store a captured beast so the beast can be traded.

Farming Bestiary Orb by killing monsters

The drop level of Bestiary Orb Bestiary Orb is 15.

Purchase from Einhar Frey

Einhar Frey, lives in Menagerie, sells a Bestiary Orb Bestiary Orb for one Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

How to use Bestiary Orb in PoE

Before come to Menagerie, put some Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs in your inventory.

1. Travel to Menagerie


If you do not have the Menagerie icon here, you will have to go to Act 2, and then The Forest Encampment. Talk to Einhar, click "Visit Menagerie".

2. Buy a Bestiary Orb from Einhar Frey

Einhar Frey

3. Find a captured beast

4. Right click on Bestiary Orb

Right Bestiary Orb

5. Left click on the Beast

Click on the Beast

Now, the beast can be traded.

Traded the Beast

How to let the Beast out

To let the monster out of the item, just right-click it. Adding a beast to your Menagerie this way does not grant progress towards the “Complete the Bestiary” challenge.

PoE Menagerie Location

The Menagerie is an area. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Menagerie Caverns, Menagerie Depths, Menagerie Sands, and Menagerie Wilds. Each sub-area containing between 9 and 16 pens which hold the collected monsters sorted by monster type. There are 44 pens all up. Each holding pen can hold between 5 monsters (e.g. Amphibians->Gem Frogs) and 56 monsters (Arachnids->Spiders), depending on the pen.

The Menagerie is a place to hold collectable beasts encountered in Wraeclast. The area is open for access once the Einhar's Hunt quest is completed.

Captured beasts end up here. Beasts are captured by Einhar once weakened. The collected beasts can be sacrificed in the Blood Altar for beastcrafting. Einhar sells Bestiary Orb at the Menagerie which can be used to store beasts.

Einhar, Beastmaster

Einhar Frey is a major NPC as well as a master. In the Bestiary leagues, Einhar provides the player introduction to the Bestiary, beast hunting, and how to capture them with nets. As a master, Einhar directly assists the player in beast hunting by attacking monsters and throwing nets.

Einhar can also be found in the Menagerie, where you can use captured beasts for beastcrafting. He also sells Bestiary Orbs to itemize beasts for trading.

How to Level Einhar?

In zones where Einhar can appear, the zone will contain special beasts, indicated by their icons. There will be 3-5 yellow beasts (Medium Difficulty) and 1-2 red beast (Hard Difficulty). Yellow beasts have 1 Bestiary mod, while red beasts have 2 Bestiary mods.

When a beast is brought to low health, Einhar will appear. He is an invulnerable NPC and attacks with ranged shots, as well as a volley of shots and bombs. He also has an aura that grants life leech and life gain on hit and kill. Einhar will throw a net at weakened beasts, capturing them and moving them to the Menagerie. Beasts cannot be killed.

Once all beasts in the zone are captured, the mission is complete and Einhar will leave the area.

To level up Einhar, capture monsters in the Bestiary:

  • Capture 5 monsters for level 2.
  • Capture 20 monsters for level 3.
  • Capture 45 monsters for level 4.
  • Capture 80 monsters for level 5.
  • Capture 120 monsters for level 6.
  • Capture 160 monsters for level 7.

Capturing monsters that have previously been captured does NOT count towards this. Players can view what they've already captured by opening the Challenge/Achievements Panel (default key "H") and navigating to the "Bestiary" tab.

The Blood Altar Dialogue

The end is coming, exile. Of that, I am sure.

...Just not so sure when. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe three years form now. No more than three years from now.

When the end arrives, we must be ready. The First Ones will return. They will bring the survivors with them to the Great Grove. We must prove we are worthy. We must sacrifice the beasts we find at the Blood Altar.

Feed the altar the blood of these beasts, and the First Ones will bless us. And, perhaps, reveal to us their secrets.

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