Anomalous Empower Support PoE

1. Anomalous Empower Support

Empower Support Anomalous Empower Support is an Alternate Quality gem of Empower Support Empower Support.

Per 1% Quality: 3% reduced Strength Requirement

Supports any skill gem. Once this gem reaches level 2 or above, will raise the level of supported gems. Cannot support skills that don’t come from gems.

It requires Level 1. Tag: Support

  • +(0-2) to Level of Supported Active Skill Gems
Anomalous Empower Support PoE

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2. Anomalous Empower Support Alternate Quality

Alternate Quality Gem Name Quality Stats Weight
Empower Support Empower Support This Gem gains (0–100)% increased Experience 50
Empower Support Anomalous Empower Support (0–60)% reduced Strength Requirement 5

Secondary Regrading Lens Secondary Regrading Lens currency changes the type of quality of a Anomalous Empower Support gem to another random quality.

3. How to get Anomalous Empower Support?

It can be dropped in the following Heist Blueprints:

Name Heist Target Area Level
 Blueprint: Tunnels Blueprint: Tunnels Unusual Gems 34 – 83
 Blueprint: Repository Blueprint: Repository Unusual Gems 35 – 83

Unusual Gems are Alternate Quality Gems. A gem can have up to three alternate quality: Anomalous, Divergent, Phantasmal.

The target item, inside a Curio Display, will be a selection of Unusual Gems. You can only take one before Lockdown begins.

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