Where to Find Unique Items in Path of Exile

Path of Exile (POE) offers a vast array of unique items, coveted for their powerful effects. But how do you get your hands on them? This guide explores how unique items are distributed based on how you acquire them.

Monster Drops:

  • Rarity First: When a monster drops an item, the game first determines its rarity (common, magic, rare, or unique).
  • Unique Tier Selection: If the item is deemed unique, the game chooses a "tier" from a pool of available tiers for unique items. Think of tiers like difficulty levels, with higher tiers offering more powerful items.
  • Item Selection Within Tier: Finally, the game picks a specific unique item from the chosen tier. However, some items might be unavailable due to restrictions like level requirements.
  • Lower Tier Fallback: If no items exist in the chosen tier, the game picks from the next lower tier.
  • Drop Chance and Competition: The chance of getting a specific unique item depends on how many other unique items share its tier and base type (the type of item it is, like sword or armor). The more items in a tier, the lower the chance of getting any one specific item. Adding new items to a tier dilutes the chance of finding older ones obtained through monster drops.

Currency Outcomes:

  • Special Currencies Favor Rarity: Certain currencies like Ancient Orbs and Tainted Mythic Orbs are believed to prioritize higher-tier unique items.
  • No Item, No Problem (Except Sometimes): If no eligible unique item exists in the chosen tier, these currencies might destroy the item (Mythic Orb) or try a different rarity level. However, tiers 4 and 5 might be treated as a single pool, meaning you could get a tier 4 unique if a tier 5 one isn’t available, and vice versa.
  • Ancient Orbs Respect Item Level: Unlike Orbs of Chance, Ancient Orbs consider the level of the base item when determining the unique item outcome.
  • Here is a guide for PoE Currency Farming.

Divination Cards:

  • Mystery Box: The weightings for unique items obtained from divination cards are generally unknown and might differ between cards, even for cards offering similar item types. For instance, Jack in the Box might favor less valuable unique items, while The Wretched might prioritize more powerful ones.

Remember: This is a simplified overview, and there’s more complexity to finding unique items in Path of Exile. Keep exploring and experimenting to discover the best ways to gear up your character!

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