Welcome PoE Kirac, Your New Map Master

Kirac is a valuable ally who helps you delve into challenging maps and reap the rewards in Path of Exile. Here’s how to unlock him in your hideout:

Following the Main Story:

  1. A Call to Arms: As you progress through the main campaign of Path of Exile, you’ll eventually reach the quest called "A Call to Arms." This unlocks after entering the Karui Shores area for the first time.
  2. Meeting Helena: Talk to Helena in Karui Shores. She’ll point you towards the War Room, where you’ll find Commander Kirac.

Your First Map Adventure:

  1. A Gift and a Challenge: Kirac will present you with a Tier 1 map, your gateway to exciting new locations.
  2. Map Device Activation: Head back to your hideout and locate the Map Device. Use the map (or any other map you’ve acquired during your adventures) on the device and activate it.
  3. Conquering the Map: Step through the portal created by the Map Device and explore the map. Locate and defeat the powerful Map Boss.
  4. Reporting Back: Return to Commander Kirac and complete the quest. This will officially unlock Kirac in your hideout, allowing you to use the Map Device there for future map adventures.

Kirac in Your Hideout:

After completing the quest, Kirac should be present in your hideout. If you don’t see him right away, you can add him manually through the Decorations panel in your hideout.

With Kirac at your side, you’re ready to embark on thrilling map expeditions and unearth valuable treasures!

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