PoE Used when you become Chilled Craft Recipe

Crafting Recipes Cost Unlock Locations Description Prefix /
Item Classes NPC
Used when you become Chilled 5x Instilling Orb
5x Glassblower’s Bauble
Epilogue, Oriath Movement Speed and Flask Enchantments – Rank 3 Flask Helena

Chill is an elemental ailment inherent to cold that applies a slow effect to the character, reducing the animation speed at which the character plays.

A hit of cold damage will attempt to inflict chill. This will occur regardless of whether or not the hit critically strikes. By default, only cold damage is able to inflict chill. Some skill effects and modifiers, such as Chilled ground and Summon Skitterbots, apply chill without dealing damage.

The base duration of chill is 2 seconds and its effect is determined based on to the amount of Cold damage dealt relative to the enemy’s ailment threshold. Chill’s effect is capped at 30% reduced action speed. Chill’s minimum effect is 5%; any chill of lesser effect than that is discarded. The effect of chill is calculated using the following formula:

PoE Chilled Formula

where D is the cold damage dealt, T is the enemy’s ailment threshold, and M is the sum of the attacker’s increases to the effect of chill (normally 0%).

In the great majority of cases, a monster’s ailment threshold is equal to its maximum life. It primarily differs for especially high-life monsters (such as The Shaper), where the threshold is reduced to allow ailments to be applied with hits that wouldn’t ordinarily reach the required life thresholds.

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Example chill values

chill effect
Percentage of enemy’s
ailment threshold dealt
as cold damage
5% 0.32%
10% 1.79%
15% 4.93%
20% 10.12%
25% 17.68%
30% 27.89%

In-depth mechanics

When a target is frozen, it is also considered chilled, unless the damage that caused the freeze can’t also chill. As the target becomes unfrozen, chill will remain on the target for an additional duration of 0.3 seconds.

Some modifiers such as Chilling Conflux or the modifier found on The Three Dragons can change which damage types are able to inflict chill. If the player is able to chill with multiple different damage types, the chill’s effect is determined by the total damage dealt by all applicable damage types.

Modifiers to chill effect, such as X% increased Effect of Chill, apply to the effect of the chill before the minimum or maximum effect is enforced. This means that increases to the effect of chill effectively reduce the amount of damage needed to apply both a minimum and a maximum chill. For example, a total of 100% increased Effect of Chill would reduce required the amount of damage dealt to apply a minimum effect chill to 0.06% of the enemy’s ailment threshold, and reduce the required damage dealt for a maximum chill to 4.93%.

Unless otherwise specified, all sources of chill that apply without dealing damage have a base effect of 10% reduced action speed and scale with any modifiers to chill effectiveness. Some examples of chills that apply without dealing damage are Chilling Ground, Summon Skitterbots, and Wintertide Brand.

The chill ailment is applied after the hit (not before), because the magnitude of the chill is based on damage dealt.

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