Unseen Strike - Path of Exile

Unseen Strike launches a spinning blade that deals weapon damage to enemies. If firing multiple projectiles, they will be fired in a circle.

Icon Name Stats Description
Unseen Strike Icon Unseen Strike
  • Deals 250% of Base Attack Damage
  • Fires Projectiles in a circle
  • Cast Time: 1s
  • Item Class
  • Restrictions: Claws, Daggers, Rune Daggers, One Hand Swords, Thrusting One Hand Swords, One Hand Maces, Sceptres, One Hand Axes
  • Level Req.: 70
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Effectiveness of Added Damage: 250%
  • Stored Uses: 1
  • Cooldown: 0.5s
  • Damage Multiplier: 250%

1. Unseen Strike Items

Item Category Lvl. Stats Note
The Hidden Blade The Hidden Blade dagger 60 Trigger Level 20 Unseen Strike every 0.5 seconds while Phasing Unique

The trigger skill, Unseen Strike, shares a cooldown with all versions of itself. If you have 2 ‘The Hidden Blade The Hidden Blade’ equipped, only 1 of them will activate at a time, typically the one held in the Main hand.

2. Unseen Strike Build

2.1 Supports

  • Unseen Strike can be supported by applicable support gems socketed in the The Hidden Blade The Hidden Blade; it is not necessary to link the sockets together.
  • Second Wind Support Second Wind Support will lower the cooldown recovery rate.
  • Greater Volley Support Greater Volley Support with no other sources of additional projectiles will cause all projectiles to fire in straight line side by side in one direction.
  • Greater Multiple Projectiles Support Greater Multiple Projectiles Support or other sources of additional projectiles will cause the blades to fire in a 360 degree degree direction in equal distance from one another.
  • Unseen Strike is not a skill gem, therefore it cannot be supported by Empower Support Empower SupportEnhance Support Enhance Support, or Enlighten Support Enlighten Support.

2.2 Trigger

The skill causes a weapon you wield to trigger projectiles while phasing. If using 2 weapons, it will alternate between each weapon every time you gain phasing. If you can remove and apply phasing quickly, you will be able to trigger one weapon more often than another. This is good for builds that want to trigger Unseen Strike on a weapon that does more damage than The Hidden Blade The Hidden BladeWatcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye (w. You have Phasing while affected by Haste Haste mod), and as of Version 3.13.0 Raider and the Ascendant Raider Ascendancy can give permanent phasing.

2.3 Targeting

The blades can target nearby enemies’ general direction for you. They do not just trigger in a random direction. How they target may vary based on additional projectiles or not.

2.4 Critical strikes

The base critical strike chance is based on the weapon itself. When using different weapons the base critical strike chance will alternate between each weapon when you gain phasing.

2.5 Projectiles

As with most projectiles, they can gain the option to pierce, fork, chain, or split. They do not start with these options.

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