Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem PoE

Timeless Vaal Emblem Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem is a new map fragments in PoE 3.16. Emblems are used to open a portal to the Domain of Timeless Conflict. Players will need to use at least two unique Emblems to open the portal.

  • Monsters gain 10% increased maximum life each time they are revived
  • Monsters penetrate 4% of enemy resistance for each time they have been revived
  • Monsters overwhelm 4% of physical damage reduction for each time they have been revived
  • 10% improved rewards

How to get Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem?

In Path of Exile: Scourge, you can find Unrelenting Emblems in the Domain of Timeless Conflict.

Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem PoE

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List of Emblems

Domain of Timeless Conflict

The zone contains a crater with a monolith in the center. Standing near it will spawn all enemies and start a timer. When all generals are killed, you can return to the monolith to respawn half the killed enemies again. You can do this until the timer runs out. All items will drop after the timer runs out near the monolith. Item drop rate decays as more enemies are killed.

Completing the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four factions unlocks a fifth slot for the map device.


Depending on the combination of the Emblems used, the area features these bosses:

  • Viper Napuatzi (Vaal)
  • General Marceus Lioneye (Eternal Empire)
  • Queen Hyrri Ngamaku (Karui)
  • Cardinal Sanctus Vox (Templar)
  • Aukuna, the Black Sekhema (Maraketh)

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