Trinity Support - Path of Exile

In Echoes of the Atlas, it introduces two new gems that provide versatile ways for you to build powerful new characters. These are the Hydrosphere Hydrosphere Skill Gem and the Trinity Support Trinity Support Gem.

Trinity Support Trinity Support gem supports skills that hit enemies, causing them to gain bonuses while you have resonance of all three elements, and to grant resonance of elements other than the highest one in a hit. Cannot support triggered skills, instant skills, orb skills, brands, skills which reserve mana, or skills used by totems, traps, or mines. Cannot modify the skills of minions.

Each element's resonance on Trinity Support is capped at 50.

It requires Level 18, 14 Dex, 21 Int. Tag: Support.

  • Hits with Supported Skills for which the highest Damage Type is Elemental cause you to gain 25 Resonance of other Elements per second for 2 seconds
  • Lose 5 Resonance per second of each Element you are not gaining
  • Supported Skills deal (3-5)% more Elemental Damage per 5 of lowest Resonance
  • Supported Skills penetrate (10-20)% Elemental Resistances while each Resonance is at least 25
  • Supported Skills deal 10% increased Elemental Damage
Trinity Support PoE

Alternate Quality

Name Quality Stats Weight
Trinity Support Trinity Support Supported Skills deal (0-10)% increased Elemental Damage 500
Divergent Trinity Support Anomalous Trinity Support Supported Skills have (0-15)% increased Attack and Cast Speed while each Resonance is at least 25 100
Divergent Trinity Support Divergent Trinity Support Supported Skills convert (0-10)% of Physical Damage to a random Element 20

Secondary Regrading Lens Secondary Regrading Lens currency changes the type of quality of a Anomalous Impending Doom Support gem to another random quality.

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Quest Rewards

This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:

Class → Witch Shadow Ranger Duelist Marauder Templar Scion
Quest ↓
The Siren's Cadence
Act 1

Vendor Rewards

This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests:

Class → Witch Shadow Ranger Duelist Marauder Templar Scion
Quest ↓
The Siren's Cadence
Act 1
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Lilly Roth

PoE Trinity Support

Trinity Support main skills

Elemental Hit Supports

One of the best use for Trinity Support is to support Elemental Hit build.

Trinity Support Build Example

The Trinity support gem is designed to support builds that deal multiple types of elemental damage. While Trinity supports your skill, any hits that deal damage with a specific element will build “resonance” with the other two elements. The more resonance you have of every element, the more damage the Trinity Support Trinity Support gem provides. When you have high resonance with all three elements, Trinity also grants elemental penetration.

Trinity Support Trinity Support Guide

From the above example, you can see the player using Ball Lightning Ball Lightning with Unleash and Magma Orb Magma Orb to build resonance across all three elements. To power up the Trinity support quickly and uniformly, the player alternates between pairs of elemental damage types. Combined with the elemental weakness curse, the maximum-resonance Trinity absolutely decimates enemies.

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