Torchlight Infinite Wailing Ring

Wailing Ring

Icon Base Stats Stats
Name: Wailing Ring
Level Requirement: 62
Category: Ring
  • +(10-12)% attack speed
  • +(30-50)% projectile damage
  • +(12-20)% Projectile Speed
  • Projectiles Weaken targets On Hit
  • +1 Parabolic Projectile Split quantity
Flavour Text: Under the volley of arrows there is only screaming This is no war but a boring slaughter

Season 2 Changes

Adjusted “+(30-50)% Projectile Speed” to “+(12-20)% Projectile Speed”
Trade House Display Revisions


Reduce extra damage dealt by 10%


Upon hitting a target, a parabolic Projectile Splits into multiple secondary Projectiles

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